Today’s birdwatching-And Yes! Even birds need to shit!!

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Hello everybody!
I hope you are all doing great!
Today…well as always on weekends I went out to take some photos of birds.

So let’s get started:

Here you can see a little blue tit.
And here you can see a raven…well shitting…
He’s like fuck it: I’m just gonna do it right here.
Just kidding: While editing the photos I saw this picture and I thought it was kinda funny.
And the friend of all of us: the Jay.
And a little blue tit just starting it’s flight.
And a great tit flying.
I actually was surprised how many good in flight shots I got today…because usually there are always some issues: Not in focus or whatever…
And another raven.
And a cute little Great tit
And two little blue tits…and another one starting to fly.
And another blue tit watching for competition at the food place.
And finally a Storch mid flight.

And that’s it again:
Even though I think there were better episodes there are some funny moments.
I hope you still liked it and thanks for reading.
See you soon.

(All images are mine and were taken on the Sony a7RIII with the Sony 200-600mm lens.)

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