You don't have to tall and mighty to be impressive!! Attitude of a tiny nerdy birdy....

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"I am 4" tall but my attitude is 6 feet tall!" - says a rain quail

You don't need to be a hunk like Conan the Barbarian or a famous sports star to make your voice heard. All you need is an attitude and the will power to make things happen...

When @nelinoeva challenged us this week to show the bird that impressed us, I could have chosen many species like the colorful Kingfishers or the active woodpeckers or the gorgeous Peacocks etc. which are a feast for the eyes. However, I am more impressed than all those birds by the tiny Rain quails because I think we can learn a lot of life lessons from them...😀

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Another reason I am always impressed by a sighting of this elusive bird is that it is so hard to find even though we can hear it everywhere during the monsoon months...

This tiny 4" tall warrior is a fierce territory defender and a hard-working Romeo!😀

Here is what I learnt from this tiny bird..

Stand tall and make your voice heard...

The rain quail call out and makes its voice heard ! Despite of it's puny body, it is not afraid to voice off and in fact, produces a sound decibel level that puts many larger birds to shame. It's call can be heard hundreds of feet away - irrespective of heavy stormy conditions...

DSC_8161_DxO (FILEminimizer).jpg
My entry for #SMaP 115

I think we all should learn to raise our voice when we see something unjust happening. This click, which catches the rain quail during its call, therefore, is my favorite and is my entry for #SMAP 115.

Attitude is everything

People say that even a tiny mouse can scare away a cat if it shows the right attitude and fighting spirit.
The rain quail does that in an impressive manner when it sees an intruder in it's territory. Drawing itself up to his full tiny 4" height, it gives a mean stare!!

FB-DSC_8173_DxO (FILEminimizer).jpg

From this, I learn that if I have the right attitude and courage, I shall conquer!!

If life rains on your party, wear a crown of raindrops!

Positive attitude and never say die are always a part of a rain quail's life. They carry on and manage to look majestic even when it rains...

_DSC5699_DxOFB 1080 (FILEminimizer).jpg

I certainly hope I can adopt the same positive outlook in life.

Carry on the 'Walk of life...'

No matter what happens, rain quails continue their quest for food, mate and survival. Walk on baby! We are dead if we stop !

_DSC5738_DxOFB 2048 (FILEminimizer).jpg

I too, like this tiny warrior, attempt to keep walking on. Set backs in life slow me down sometimes but I pick myself up again and walk on ...

That is all I have today to say on what impressed me and this wonderful challenge for bird lovers as well as photographers! What do you think? Do you like the pics and agree on my views 😀? Please feel free to share your comments and opinions.

A big thank you for support

Thanks to c/hive-106444 (Feathered friends community) for providing this wonderful opportunity to present my experience and photographs. Thanks to @barbara-orenya and @melinda010100 for all the support and encouragement to this community. Special thanks to @nelinoeva also for the wonderful contest and Author of the week initiatives.

Thanks to HIVE for this wonderful platform. Thanks also to @adalger and for encouraging me by recognizing some of my posts as worthy of Densifying nature project.
Further, thanks to Amazing nature community for welcoming me and showing me their love on some of my posts.

Note: All images and collages in this blog are created by me, based on photos clicked by me personally and/or free vector images from Pixabay. Any other sources, if used, are indicated as image credits below the picture.
Quotes used, if not credited, are either from unknown authors or are proverbial old sayings.

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Awesome bird and reason for being a favourite. Stunning camouflage in the landscape.


Thank you Joan. As usual, you understood the reason behind my picking a picture for the contest.

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Brilliant choice, I can understand why you are impressed by the rain quail. Such an attitude!
I always wonder how the tiniest birds can be the loudest and how fiercely they can defend their territory from much bigger birds or other animals.
The photos are outstanding as ever, the close-up is awesome. 🙂

@nelinoeva Thanks. You brilliantly summarized my fascination about this bird. What you say about tiny birds fiercely defending territory is so true. I have often observed the tiny sunbirds being most aggressive in mobbing larger predators like owls in their territory.
I am glad you like the clicks.

singature small avatar.png

Such always interesting posts, and with gorgeous pictures !😉

Thank you so much. Coming from such a community leader like you, those words are a great encouragement. I will always try to do my best and bring interesting content. I am also supporting the community by delegation already and intend to assign a percentage of each post to community soon when my posts start to get some more Hive and HBD. 😊

for your extra support to the community @vm2904 😊

Yay! 🤗
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!LUV nice photos. I really like it. Thank you.

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