Bush stone curlew family. 🇦🇺

in Feathered Friends • 8 months ago

When we headed into our hotel room on Magnetic Island, I opened our screen door then heard some rustling in the bushes.
At quick glance I saw a curlew standing there making this vvvvvvvv sound at me.



We put our bags into the room and I grabbed my camera. Now Bush Stone curlews are pretty common in Queensland.


They are a ground dwelling bird which hunt at night. During the day you normally find them chilling out under bushes like this one.


On a closer look I realised it was two parents and their baby.



How cute is this little GUY!


Bush Stone curlews have huge yellow eyes.


At night they make a very distinctive blood curdling scream. Haha I'm not kidding its super creepy.


But like I said you will find these guys every where around here including the pub.



@tipu curate

Cheers mate 😊

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