I wanna be a Eagle!

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This is my entry to SMAP round 37. What kind of a bird you'd like to be? was the question posed by @nelenoeva . Check this post

I love eagles and I'd like to be one. I love everything about them. However, what I love the most is the way they fly. They hardly flap around, they glide so gracefully, I love watching them for hours. There is so much peace when I see them glide for hours circling the skies right at the top and still keep an eye on you. The strength of this bird amazes me.


The brahminy kite known as the red-backed sea-eagle in Australia is common in India and South East Asia. Its a medium sized raptor so filled with grace and beauty. Source These have reddish brown back, wings and tails but a white neck and head. They look absolutely stunning when see at close quarters.


These dark eagles are very common where I live. They are graceful in flight, their eyesight is sharp and they sight and track their prey from great heights. They carry away chicks, small animals and eat bats another other small rodents.


These dark eagles soar in their skies and are known for their strength. Their focus is something that has always amazed me. I wish I could have that kind of focus. When they grab their prey it is hard to grab it back from them. They hold on to them with their strong claws.


It is said that they mate for life. Its their faithfulness that attracts me. That is one quality I love, complete and total dedication to one's partner.

I keep taking pictures of these birds all the time. However, since the love flying against the sun its hard to get clear images. I still love to take pictures of these bird.


There are many myths about eagles one of them being how eagles regenerate and renew themselves when they grow old. Although it is proven to be a myth the fact remains that eagles live for 30-40 years.

They may not lengthen their life span but they are mentioned 34 times in the Bible for their power, strength, courage and focus.

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You made a right choice by choosing eagle because the eagle has always been used to depict strength, success , etc

This is what I've always wanted to be if I were a bird.. But I love being human.
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You have a nice entry. I do love to participate but the bird I have in mind is not seen in my neighborhood. The rules says the picture must be original, I don't know what else to do

True that being a bird photography contest you need to submit your own photos.

right we see the eagle in a lot of flags

Claps repeatedly👏🏻 Very nice story.
You even made reference of the bible here again. Hehe😃

In almost each and everyone of your posts, You always make reference of the bible and your religion. I see you are very dedicated to your religion, That's quite cool.👍🏻

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No it's not about religion, I don't like religion very much, its about the scriptures and I love it.
Perhaps it comes to me naturally to quote scripture or allude to it.
I love God and his word.

Okay, Okay.

Keep doing your thing, Dear. As long as it gives you joy and peace of mind.

Bless up.👍🏻

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LOL , I tried explaining something to you lol

Yeah, You did try. 😁

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This is one of the most beautiful promises in the bible:
But those who wait for Jehovah will have new strength; they will lift wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not grow weary. Isaiah 40-31. Reina Valera 1960.
I would like to be an eagle too, but around here the only bird of prey that I have seen is the hawk and it is difficult for me to take a good photo of it.🙂

Absolutely! It almost like a contradiction.. those who wait On the Lord will renew their strength and soar like eagles.
Its the waiting that is harder.
Its is hard to take pictures of eagles or hawks. You've got to be patient and get them when they come closer to you.
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You got to have a good camera too @sofs-su, mobiles's are good, but not enough

No you can't take bird photo's with mobile cameras unless you are close to them.


You're allways welcome!

Oh, I love your choice as you are like me and we both chose the eagles.
The lifespan may not be long, but we have a saying to live as long as an eagle.
You have captured them nicely, gorgeous birds. When I look up and see gliding eagle, this is really a sight that is worth watching.

LOL I did have a laugh when I saw your choice.
Considering that the eagle is a bird that is a long life span.
Its not the length that determines the quality of life, it is in knowing who you are.

Wise words. How many of us know who we really are?

If we didn't so far, its time to embark on that journey!

Awesome birds! I don’t know what the difference is between eagles and hawks when seeing them from afar. I don’t know if we are seeing one or the other but we see lots of raptors!

Yeah its kind of difficult to distinguish them unlike other birds. They are all pretty either way.
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amazing pictures it would be impossible for me to take myself , good job

Thank you @aiovo, sorry for the delay in response.
You just need a good camera and loads of patience.

Wow you post a lot! And amazing photos too. Had you not claimed them at the end I thought for sure they were sourced.

LOL I post one a day.. Glad you like the pictures D&A