And the winners are....

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It's time for fun now, time to announce the winners of our challenge 'Let our picture tell your story.' Edition 8

We had some fantastic stories as usual, people competing for the shortest story ever told, I guess. To be able to tell a story in the fewest words possible isn't easy and people have been doing this over and over again. Well done, kudos to you all who made the effort.

As usual it wasn't easy to judge and decide on the winner. We did manage that finally. Thanks to the generosity of @dreemsteem from @dreemport we able to give one extra prize this week.

Now, without much further ado let me announce the winners of the fourth edition of the, 'Let our picture tell your story - Edition 8

Drum rolls please

🥇1st Prize 3 HIVE @chocolatescorpi +100 Ecency pnts
🥈 2nd Prize 2 HIVE @saulos +100 Ecency pnts
🥉 3rd Prize 1 HIVE @angiemitchell +100 Ecency pnts


🎖️@wrestlingdesires 1 Hive +100 Ecency pnts

Special mention
@agmoore 1 Hive
@umirais 1 Hive

Thank you @melinda010100 for your generosity, guidance and sponsorship.

Congratulations winners, the rewards will be sent out to your wallets at the within the next 24 hours. Tag your friends and invite them to join the current challenge so we can make this much more interactive and fun.

I can't wait to read your stories in the comment section of Let our picture tell your story - Edition 9

Thank you everyone for your participation.


Look up @nelinoeva's contest Show me a photo challenge there are more prizes to be won there as well.


Banner by @barbara-orenya


What a fun contest! I will watch for a future one!


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Hi @sofs-su, I was lifted out of my socks when I happen to look at your winners of 'Let Our Picture Tell Your story - edition 8' seeing that I had been selected as a third place winner. It was a hoot to join in and write a story of the gorgeous blue birds. Thank you for all your work @sof-su and to everyone else. I appreciate the combined effort that makes this kind of project happen. 💜

Oh wow, I don't know how I missed this post but thankyou so much to yourself @sofs-su and everyone else ho so kindly supports us.

And a huge congratulations to all of the winners and participants. you all deserve the awards too!

Wow, thanks so much :) !!! This contest is so much fun ♥️

You are so welcome.

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Congratulations everybody and this sounds like a phenomenal good time and a great event.

Thank you guys very much for your content and everything that you do here on the blockchain. We all really appreciate it.

I am so sorry for not being able to respond to your comments. Hopefully i will slowly get back to normal.
Thank you everyone for your patience.