Bird watching day🔭🦉 / Dia de Birdwatching👨‍🏫

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Hello friends Birdwatching fans, today I came to the Sesimbra lagoon to see if I was lucky and photographed some migratory bird! In principle we are entering summer and they are beginning to go to Africa and other regions, so I wasted no time and came to the small lagoon to see if I saw anything interesting! When I arrived, the first thing I saw was high tide, that gave me an advantage because with the tide there are more birds, since many herons feed at this depth of water! make yourself comfortable and enjoy my post!👨‍🎓👨‍🏫

Hola amigos aficionados al Birdwatching hoy vine a la laguna de Sesimbra a ver si tenia suerte y fotografiaba algun ave migratoria! en principio estamos entrando a verano y se comienzan a ir hacia africa y otras regiones, por eso no perdi tiempo y vine a la laguna pequeña para ver si veia algo interesante! cuando llegue lo primero que vi fue la marea alta eso me daba una ventaja porque con marea hay mas aves ya que muchas garzas se alimentan con este nivel de profundidad del agua! ponte comodo y disfruta de mi post!🦅🦜🦚🦩




A common species in wetland areas here in Portugal, it is Fulica atra and it was the first species I observed! some were swimming alone then I noticed a flock further from shore that could be socializing! It is included in the family of Rallidae, they are like "chickens" for me it is quite easy to identify because their feathers are black, they have a "red" iris and a white beak! here the dimorphism is little with variation in size! they do not usually fly very often because it is a heavy bird!🦅🦚🦩
Una especie comun en zonas de humedales aqui en Portugal, se trata de Fulica atra y fue la primera especie que observe! algunos estaban nadando solos luego observe una bandada mas alejada de la orilla que podrian estar socializando! esta incluida en la familia de Rallidae, son como "gallinas" para mi es bastante facil de identificar porque sus plumas son negras, tiene un iris "rojo" y el pico blanco! aqui el dimorfismo es poco con variacion en el tamaño! no suelen volar muy amenudo porque es un ave pesada!🔭👨‍🏫👨‍🎓




Another very common species here in Portugal and it is the beautiful "Gray Heron" whose scientific name is Ardea cinerea, in Portugal it attracts attention because some groups are only here in winter, others are annual residents, so it is quite interesting to study several communities, It is included in the family: Ardeidae, which are herons, it is a very large bird with more than 100cm in height and can weigh up to 2 kilos, I was lucky to see them in reproduction, that is, these flocks are residents all year round in the lagoon! and they usually do it in groups!😮🦩
Otra especie muy comun aqui en Portugal y es la linda "Garza real" cuyo nombre cientifico es Ardea cinerea, en Portugal llama la atencion porque algunos grupos solo estan aqui en invierno, otros son residentes anuales, asi que es bastante interesante estudiar varias comunidades, se incluye en la familia: Ardeidae que son las garzas, es un ave muy grande con mas de 100cm de altura y puede pesar hasta 2 kilos, tuve suerte de verlas en reproduccion osea estas bandadas son residentes todo el año completo en la laguna! y acostumbran hacerlo en grupos!🌅🌅




Here we see a winter migrant and it is the common stork or Ciconia ciconia they are beautiful birds with very interesting behaviors, they generally nest in colonies to protect themselves from predators, there is not a very marked dimorphism so the female and the male are similar! they only differ in size! they can create large nests some weigh up to a ton! most of them come to portugal to nest, then they go to look for food in their country of origin!👀📚🔭
Aqui vemos una migrante de invierno y se trata de la cigueña comun o Ciconia ciconia son aves hermosas con comportamientos muy interesantes, generalmente nidan en colonias para protegerse de depredadores, no hay un dimorfismo muy marcado por lo que la hembra y el macho son parecidos! solo difieren en el tamaño! pueden crear grandes nidos algunos pesan hasta una tonelada! la mayoria vienen a portugal a nidar, luego se van a buscar alimento en su pais de origen!🦅🦉🌍





This species belongs to the family: "Rallidae" quite easy to identify due to its beautiful colors and its red beak, very common in wetlands, rivers, lagoons! usually seen in the bushes feeding, very shy! it is a common species here in portugal and can be seen in almost the whole country! according to the scientific description they prefer to walk in groups! In my opinion this must be a young man since he was far from his group!👨‍🏫👨‍🎓
Esta especie pertenece a la familia: "Rallidae" bastante facil de identificar por sus lindos colores y su pico rojo muy comun de humedales, rios, lagunas! generalmente se le ve entre los arbustos alimentandose, muy timido! es una especie comun aqui en portugal y puede ser vista en casi todo el pais! segun la descripcion cientifica prefieren andar en grupos! a mi parecer este debe ser un joven ya que estaba lejos de su grupo!🌏🌊



Our friends "mallard duck" could not be missing here you can see a couple, there is a remarkable sexual dimorphism being the male more colorful than the female, they are permanent resident inhabitants so we can see them throughout the year, in some areas of portugal they are not reproduce! they are located in the family Anatidae here we find the ducks! they are cold-resistant birds so winter is not a problem for them!😮🦩
No podian faltar nuestros amigos "pato real" aqui puedes ver una pareja, hay un notable dimorfismo sexual siendo el macho mas colorido que la hembra, son habitantes residentes permanentes por lo que podemos verlos durante todo el año, en algunas zonas de portugal no se reproducen! se ubican en la familia Anatidae aqui encontramos a los patos! son aves resistentes al frio por lo que el invierno no les es problema!👨‍🏫🌍






In general, I would say that it was a productive day because I managed to identify about 6 species of birds in a fairly small area! I am also happy because I know that here migratory birds such as the "stork" use the Sesimbra lagoons to feed and nest! I saw more than 4 species of land birds, the one that stood out the most was motacilla alba. I saw several specimens near the wetlands! I could also see in the distance a bird of prey that I think was a: "Circus aeruginosus" this bird of prey is diurnal and is a resident of Portugal throughout the year!📚🦅
De forma general diria que fue un dia productivo porque conseguir identificar unas 6 especies de aves en un area bastante pequeña! tambien estoy contento porque se que aqui las aves migratorias como la "cigueña" utiliza las lagunas de sesimbra para alimentarse y nidar! vi mas de 4 especies de aves terrestres la que mas destaco fue motacilla alba vi varios ejemplares cerca de los humedales! tambien pude ver a lo lejos un ave rapaz que creo que era un: "Circus aeruginosus" esta ave de rapiña es diurna y es residente de Portugal durante todo el año!🦩🌅🔭














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To make direct citations, use: "" mostly numerical data


Had no idea the Sesimbra lagoon had observatories, pretty cool!

I look forward to visiting this place. Thanks for sharing! 😄

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