The Joys of Birding


My kids have always loved nature and animals. I knew that science would be their favorite subject in school because they love to explore and experiment so much. I love seeing how their curious eyes light up when learning an amazing new fact.

We love everything about our current homeschool curriculum Christian Light Education except for the science. The kids did learn some things but we felt it was on the boring side and they needed to be challenged more. I needed to find something that would excite them and boost their curiosity. We decided to go with Apologia’s science curriculum.

I love the way they designed this to study one topic for the entire year. Instead of learning multiple things where their focus is in so many directions they believe a student can get a deeper understanding of things when they focus just on one topic at a time. Since starting this curriculum I am a firm believer of this.

My fourth and fifth grader (they do their science class together) have been so engaged and focused and it has really been impressive.

They both decided to study Zoology and flying creatures. We are learning mainly about birds this year. We’ve learned how to classify birds, how to identify them by their physical characteristics, we’ve looked closely at a fallen wing with a magnifying glass, they know how to attract certain birds to the yard and so much more.

My students are becoming amateur ornithologists and they are really enjoying it :)

After they have finished the bird lessons they will move on to learning about bats and several insects.

Of course with all of this learning my entire family have become bird watchers which translates into us being birders now. We enjoy watching the movements and habits of birds that come into our yard or fly around and land in the trees surrounding our home.

Last month my kids ran in the house to tell me they spotted a birds nest right above my daughter’s room window. They told me they saw the mother but seems there was no baby. I noticed something fuzzy close by the mama but I knew it wasn’t a part of her body so I wanted to further investigate.

I went to grab our Cannon so I could get a closer look and also take a few shots as well. What I saw was the most precious thing, a tiny fuzzy baby bird next to it’s mama...


I just love how serious this mama is sitting there as she protects her young.

My daughter wanted to identify the bird so I waited a little longer for her to reposition her body in order to get a better shot.

I noticed it had an orange belly and then my daughter noticed the white ring around her eye...


This is an American Robin!

We purchased a bird guide that gives you a lot of details about the birds such as physical characteristics, location, food preference, migration and much more. It’s really cool how they have the tabs of the pages color coded according to the color of the birds. This is the page my daughter turned to when identifying the Robin...


The kids also found pieces of the egg that hatched. American Robin eggs are pale blue and that’s exactly what they found.

As a mother learning about birds and how they take care of their young has been very interesting to me. When I saw the mama bird and how she was looking out as her baby moved around it reminded me of how protective I am over my children. I am always watching, looking around for any potential danger trying to protect them the best I can.

I noticed my daughter began looking at photos and reading more about how mother birds feed their young.


We watched a video showing how the mama and daddy birds eat their baby’s fecal sacs (okay in plain words poop). The parents are so focused on making sure their young eat the insects they bring so they don’t find food for themselves during this time. Also, baby birds aren't able to digest the food given to them very well and thus some of those nutrients come out in the poop which makes these sacs a nutritional treat for the parents.

My kids and I were pretty grossed out watching this ball come out from the baby’s backside and the parents ate it before allowing it to hit the nest ground.

A week later I went back out with the camera to check on the bird family. To my surprise there wasn’t just one baby any more but instead there were two. Looks like we missed the second baby the first week...


This just melted my heart when I seen it. It’s amazing how almost in every species a baby is the most adorable thing (noticed I said almost every species, a baby spider amongst other insects are never cute in my opinion 😅).

You can imagine how thrilled the kids were to see this. This made them even more excited to be birders.

We want to attract more birds to our yard so the kiddos will be making a bird feeder with their granddad very soon. We will also be purchasing a bird bath too. I’m looking forward to it so the birds can help us keep insects at bay and away from our garden! 😄

We continuously watch the cycle of life over and over again as new mamas prepare for the arrival and protection of their babies.

Patiently she awaits...


and the anticipated excitement starts all over again.

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

Thanks for Reading ~

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Once again I'm blushing. Always grateful. 😊

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You're welcome @crosheille, that's with pleasure! Nice work, it's good to read 😊🌹👍
Have a nice day!

I had a bird like that but sadly passed away

Very good article to read.
You are also a very extraordinary mother in my opinion. You provide education about nature to your children. Like the birds that you find. And things like this are very rarely done by other mothers. They are busy with their work and sometimes forget about their children. Especially now with the presence of various technologies such as gadgets. Children are now busy with various games on these gadgets. I salute you. No matter how busy you are, you take the time to educate your children about nature. Thanks for sharing.

Wow @my451r thank you for such a nice and thoughtful response!

I made the decision long ago even before my first child was born, to stay home with them to raise and teach them so I won't miss a beat of their lives. It gets challenging and is a lot of work being with my children 24/7 but it is also a joy, very rewarding and what I was called to do as a steward over them.

My children do love playing games and getting on their electronics but we only allow that on the weekends. I think our society has gotten far away from doing things in moderation. I don’t think having these things are bad but teaching about self control and setting limits is what I think is missing. 🙂

Thanks again for the visit and comment ~

I am in awe, lol. This post is epic.

I love birds, but on a very 'surface' level so far. I love they're free flying, their variety, their music, etc., but I know very little about them, relatively speaking.

I learned so much from this post, so your home-schooling program seems to be chock full of value.

Learning about American Robin's poop-eating habits wasn't topping my list of priorities today, but lol, I'll take it. Hahaha :)

Thanks so much for sharing, and I love how much care you put into parenting. Much love, #keepryzing 🙏

Hahaha wow thanks so much!

Oh believe me, I feel like I’m learning all over again when teaching my kids. Most of the things I wrote about here were what I just learned too.

Yes, I feel we all are getting a rich and valuable learning experience by homeschooling :)

Lol yea that poop one snuck up on me, I wasn’t ready for it haha :D

Thanks so much, I do appreciate your visits and thoughtful comments ~

The pleasure is mine. Looks like you, I, the kids and probably others all learned things here, heheh. 😁🙏

I love that you are all becoming a family of birders @crosheille! It is knowledge about the world around us that will be useful to your kids their entire lives. Great photos of this Robin family and thanks so much for sharing this delightful post with Feathered Friends!

Thanks @melinda010100! We are having a lot fun with this.

I wholeheartedly agree. Learning about nature and just life all around us will definitely be with them for a lifetime :)

I’m glad you liked the photos! Thanks again ~

So you have zoology lesson right inside your home, how amazing.
I have a little friend here who is a budding ornithologist, she can identify almost all birds around here. She was all of seven when her teacher used to call her to identify the birds in school.
Its amazing how much she knows. Focus and interest can make boring subjects fascinating.

Yes, it's pretty awesome being able to teach my kids and learn with them as well right from our very home :)

Wow that’s amazing about your friend. Seems she had a natural love for what she does.

Oh yes it’s so true! It’s been enjoyable seeing my kids so fascinated about birds and nature in general :D

Thanks for the visit and comment ~

At my last home, I used to maintain bird feeders. I was always amazed at the types of birds that would feed and I would have never noticed otherwise. My better half has a bird book, which we used to identify the kind of bird feeding if we never ever saw it before. Looking at the different bird types and their colors shows just how amazing God is!

Reading your comment makes me even more excited about having a feeder. My kids are really looking forward to identifying birds that they see with their guidebook.

I couldn’t agree more! God designed some beautiful and amazing animals :)

You are doing a great job with your children, excellent @cersheille

Thank you @leny28 I really appreciate that ~ ☺️


Такі красиві

I had a bird like that but sadly past away 7 weeks ago

I'm so sorry to hear about that.