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RE: Midweek Musings: "Updates" Are Nice, but NOT When you Constantly Have to Pivot and Change Stuff!

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I have a landline and a tracfone because now you need a cell number to almost do anything. The only reason I finally got a cell phone was I was stuck in the Chicago airport, and there were not any payphones but ONE.....this was years ago now so maybe not even one. My Husband had a cell phone but was nowhere to be found.

Long story short. an hour later he found me, and when we got home I ordered a tracfone. It cost me 100.00 a year and every 2 years I get a new crappy phone for 100.00 PLUS minutes and everything else. I have never used all my minutes and after years of rolling over minutes, I will never run out.

I do not put any apps on my phone because if someone wants to talk to me they can call my landline so I can hear them clearly. I have programs that run just fine on my computer that I never update.

I hate change.

BUT, I do the computer updates because people are bored and lazy but spend hours upon hours looking for ways to steal from you. I put those updates on top priority.

But I still hold my breath doing computer updates waiting for my old computer to tell me "sorry lady your shit out of luck and I am going to die now


Great Post!!


Hi @snook, and Happy New Year to you!

So you're even more of a Luddite than me! I finally got a cellphone in 2006 when I was about to drive myself and moving load of my life across the country from Texas to Washington state... and I just felt safer on the road on a long haul with a phone.

I upgraded to a (pretty stupid) smartphone about to years ago because our old carrier had pretty much zero coverage in the area where we live... and most of the time the service rolled over to Canada, and we ended up paying for "International Roaming" because we're up against the border (we see the lights of Victoria BC from our back deck). I still feel pretty stupid, using that smartphone. The features I use include... making phone calls. The camera is OK, in a pinch, for candid people shots.

Like you, I have an aging computer that's probably living on borrowed time... it continues to be workable because it was a "screaming hot" box when I bought it in 2011. Spent a chunk of cash to buy my way out of premature obsolescence. So far, so good.