When you see death very closely

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You feel the existence of divine and be thankful

He is the best driver of our family, I have never seen any fault while he drives, never over-speeds. But then when you are on road, not everything is in your control. He was on the left side of the 3-lane highway on the top of an over bridge. An Hyva truck tried to overtake another vehicle on the left side even though he was on the left most lane and hit him in the back. That made the vehicle head towards right, banged and jumped the divider, rolled three times and stay head down. He was on the driver seat and his wife and her friend was on the back seat. Immediately the crowd gathered and they rolled the vehicle and got the ladies out with little or no injury. But they they had to drag my elder brother - his right hand was broken to two pieces and he was in shock with his shirt soaked in blood. People really helped a lot to collect their phones and asked his wife to call relatives/friends as she was okay. Immediately our people rushed there and shifted them to the local hospital in an ambulance. But then given the nature of his injury they advised to take to a better hospital, as a surgery was needed. By then my brother was stable and was able to talk to me. I knew one very good orthopedic surgeon and met him 6-7 years back, but thankfully I had his contact number. When I called him, he was out of station but he picked the phone. On listening all these he advised to admit in the nearby hospital and do the surgery next morning. He sent a junior doctor to guide us all the procedures to complete in the evening so that he is ready for the surgery next morning. He arrived in the night and the next morning I accompanied him to the preop and gave all the strength for the surgery - it took a little over 3 hrs and then he was shifted to the room. He was conscious all along, as they did give some local anesthesia that paralyzed only that hand from the shoulder. But the doctors did say that, it was a complicated procedure and left the stitch loose as there was swelling. They hanged the hand and advised to apply ice packs and keep it this way till the swelling reduces. And then after three days they did a final procedure and discharged him. They have put titanium fixtures inside which does not prevent the MRI as it used to be earlier, if fitted with steel fixtures.

It will take long time before he completely heals, but given the nature of the accident, we are really thankful to GOD for what he has gone throw. It could have gone real haywire, had there been another vehicle come from the other side when they were rolling. It could have been worst, had they fall down from the bridge. This is definitely a miraculous escape seeing death so close - he recounts every moment of it - he saw the truck coming and hitting on his right and then everything was gone in few seconds. These are the moments when you feel the divine and be thankful to him.

I went to the police outpost to release the vehicle and take it to the showroom for an estimate of the repair. The application that we gave initially was having couple of words - "severe injury", as I wrote he sustained severe injury. But then they said they will have to file a case, do the investigation and it will take time to release the vehicle. Instead we can ask to register a complain and take the station diary which is sufficient to claim the insurance. Since the truck that hit flew, we do not have any details and there was barely anything to investigate. So I requested them to fill a complaint and release the vehicle ASAP so that it can be lifted to the showroom. Earlier we had requested one of my lawyer friend to do all this formalities, but then they said they need a family member to be present there and fill the application. These are the times, you realize the importance of the family.

An initial estimate would give us an idea about what to do with the vehicle, and if it would be worth repairing it. It's 12 years old vehicle so we will have to take some decision based on how it goes with the insurance. But keeping all these troubles aside, we are really thankful for all the blessings and support from family and friends and who stood by us in this difficult time.

And before I wrap I must say, wearing the seat belt definitely helped him, even though there are no balloons in the vehicle. So never drive a car without wearing a seat belt. Now a days they charge heavy penalty in the city, if they spot you. But then no one checks on the highway - so it's all your responsibility but then it's for your safety only. And you need it most in the highway.



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No matter how careful we are when on the road we can't control what the other drivers are doing. If more people would realize that driving is like walking around with a loaded gun which can bring death instantly, they may be much more careful.
My prayers are with you and your brother for a speedy recovery.

When I learned to drive my grandfather told me that even though I may be an excellent driver, not everyone on the road is. I'm sure your brother will recover speedily

I may be an excellent driver, not everyone on the road is

And you still have to drive with them. Driving is always relative, and things can go haywire very quickly. We can always try to be extra vigilant.

Indeed. Extra vigilant

I am very sorry for the situation you just went through, dear friend @sanjeevm, the good thing about it is that no one was seriously injured.
The recklessness of people on the street is incredible, one's stupidity can affect even the best driver

one's stupidity can affect even the best driver

And innocent lives suffer.

One thing my mother use to tell anytime I hold the wheel is that everybody is a mad man on the road and I shouldn’t believe anything cannot happen.

Thank God your brother is alive, just have to give thanks that is not more than that.

She did say it right, but then you can't see all sides at the same time. It definitely helps to be extra vigilant, I find it difficult to drive in night and avoid for that reason.

Sorry to hear about the accident. I pray that your brother has a speedy recovery. Thank God both their lives are safe.

Thank you so much.

😮😃 oh my, but so glad it's over now and things are looking ok..

it's so amazing how things can change in an instant.. I hope his recovery is fast and 100% good.

10 seconds - they were going to attend a function and it turned to be hospital.

😮😓 yup, u can live all the rest of ur life being careful, and then just 10 seconds can take it all away..

those pics of his car remind me of how my car looked like, after I was hit back in 1998. I can't play tennis anymore, but I can still do hive!! :)

Wow a harrowing tale!

I was thinking yesterday how I am a careful driver who is always on the lookout for people to not be so. Still, at higher speeds and when distracted in the slightest, all it takes is someone with an issue and then the bigger issue is yours.

It is a gift to have supportive and helpful family like you.

Maybe you have seen too much of the inside of the hospital lately and are happy not to return for a while?

harrowing reality , he is shocked and saying he won't forget it ever.

I will be very happy to not go to hospital any time.

The truth is that not even the best driver when he goes out on the road is exempt from any accident thanks to the recklessness of other drivers. I hope with all my heart that it improves

Thank you.

It does not matter how far you are travelling, always wear that seat belt.
Thank goodness your brother survived. Somehow I think the car won't be worth repairing.
Always be thankful for small mercies.

Always be thankful for small mercies.

Nothing else can explain. We will get an estimate on the vehicle, if its too much, then its not worth.

Yes, you can replace a vehicle but not your brother.

Ah shit. I am glad that everyone's safe but looking at that car, I got scared at first. Seat belts do save lives.

These truckers sometimes go crazy on the roads. I don't know how many times these things happen and nobody get caught.

I don't know how many times these things happen and nobody get caught.

I heard they have CC TV at some places, but it was not on the top of bridge.

Wow. It was really a narrow escape I must say. You need to be grateful truly. We thank God for the survival

Yes, we definitely can't explain this.

I had an accident last month, it's really a horrible feeling. Even if you are a very cool and calm driver, you can't control others, one of the elder guys in my family has given me a suggestion that, when you are on the road, consider everyone is blind and you are the only one who can see and keep yourself and other safe. I wish him a speedy recovery.

when you are on the road, consider everyone is blind and you are the only one who can see and keep yourself and other safe.

It's true that being extra vigilant will make things better, but you can never guarantee.

Ohhh my God! my eyes grew wider and wider as I read through.

I am so sorry for everything that happened but I am glad your brother is alive.
Thank God

You and your family will be fine !LUV

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This is a sad and tragic incident. When we are on the road then we can't control everything. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Thank you so much.

Damn, this is serious. Imagine having a car tumbled 3 time with no fatality and to worst things the driver flew with no conscience in him.
Grateful to God cause there was no death.

Some people just love driving recklessly without minding they are in highway and that something could happen especially those truck drivers and commercial buses. I do see them here too.

I wish your elder brother a quick recovery.

especially those truck drivers

Often they are drunk, that is another serious issue, but no one checks. Thank you so much for wish.

Yeah, don't know why some 9f them fancy being drunk while driving.
I feel they should have their own lane or drive mostly at night.

That was horrible.
Fasten your seat belt whenever you drive, its for safety. Never ignore it

Ya, it definitely saves.

Is am so happy his alive because we can't predict what will happen while been on the road.

Yes, we are very thankful to the almighty.

So sorry to hear about the accident. So many road users do not always go by the road rules and regulations but one needs to be extremely careful. Thank God for the gift of life. I'm so sorry.

This is absolutely saddening. I remembered my brother was also involved in an accident as this about 8 months back. He actually just got better. You feel thankful to be able to survive as the road is a difficult or dangerous place. He'll be back bigger and better

He'll be back bigger and better

Thank you so much.

Joy, Light & Healthiness to you and your family!!! 🙏

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Accidents like this can leave a person depressed but the good thing is that he is completely right and you are slowly recovering. A few days ago, it was very sad to hear that there was a train accident in India. We pray that all those who are injured may Allah give them speedy recovery.

Mucho ánimo, me alegra que dentro de todo la gravedad no fuese mayor, saludos.

what :l your family has had a bad year regarding these things, unbelievable!

I hope you are better now, my best wishes and that you recover quickly

Thank you so much.

I am so sorry for what happened to your brother but I am glad that the worst did not happen.
I wish your brother a speedy recovery and hope that he will soon be able to use his hand again as before.

You wrote really well here:

It will take long time before he completely heals, but given the nature of the accident, we are really thankful to GOD for what he has gone throw.

Life is precious and every day is a gift, and I am glad that despite the bad accident, no life was broken.
A big hug
!discovery 30
@tipu curate

Yes, the damage to life is what counts more.

Thank God that your brother and those who were with him are well. From the looks of the vehicle, it could have been a disaster.

I wish your brother a speedy recovery.

Thank you a lot.

This has scared me. Even if you are a safe driver, but then others are very careless, accident may happen.
I hope for everyone's recovery. The family, who may be safe has an extent of trauma.

I was saddened by this. Discipline from drivers is very important. What happened to the truck driver? He should be held accountable on the accident.

It must not be a very good experience to live it but the important thing is that you can recover well and as soon as possible

Its so sad to hear. Get well soon🙏

Very wrong happened, Brother, how are these people feeling?

doing good now.

We pray that he gets well soon.

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Too much time for your family members spent in the hospital lately. I hope your brother will be ok, just like your son after his surgery.