A surgery is inevitable

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Adenoidectomy is the only way forward and choosing the right doctor is the most difficult task.


Life has it's own twists - hardly more than a week gone after his results were out and now he has to go for a surgery. We were surprised to find out that his Adenoids have grown to such a stage that he can't breathe normally and it has to be taken out by a surgery. And all this after we voluntarily walked in for a nasal endoscopy, which was due from more than a month. He had this nose block issue often and he would use the Otrivin nasal drop and things would be all right, I never realized it was this bad. However I reported the problem to my homeopathy doctor in Bangalore and started treatments three months back. She said, usually it goes away in children and her medicines will help. However, after couple of month's of medicine, he did not feel any big difference. So she advised for a nasal endoscopy. We went to the nearby hospital and paid for the endoscopy, but unfortunately the doctor refused twice asking us to come later, because of rush in their OT for accidental cases. This was all before we went to Kashmir, the bill was with us, so after coming we thought we would happily walk in and get the endoscopy done and send the reports to her, and then she can do better treatments.

Things changed completely - the endoscopy indicated that surgery was the way forward and did more damages. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics saying that would help with the infection inside, and advised for a CT scan as well to see the position of sinus.


Ideally the endoscopy should have come with a report, giving the size of the Adenoids along with some pictures, but I was shocked to find out that they won't give any report. I asked if they would allow me to take pictures / videos and they initially said NO, but then I insisted and captured videos so that I can send it to someone else. I would recommend not to go this hospital for nasal endoscopy at least, instead go somewhere else which gives proper reports.


And after seeing the CT scan report he said a surgery was inevitable - the Adenoids has to be removed and also the sinus on one side be treated. So come back after ten days of medicine after things heal inside. However, he could not breath throw his nose on that night. They put some cottons inside with some local anesthesia and he felt as if those were left inside and choking him. I had to rush again to find out a short term remedy and take opinion from other doctors. I did not feel like going to the same hospital /doctor again.

The next doctor I met was from a very closed reference and he advised we remove the tonsils in the same sitting as well. Otherwise that would grow afterwards (they are like brothers - seriously !!). And Otrivin is the root cause of all this problem and is like an addiction and should have never been used. And he has to undergo an allergy test and continue some medicines for few years, as he will definitely have allergies. To his problem of breathing, he advised a sinopure kit to clean the nasal passage every few hours. It comes with sachets of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate powder and a container and taught how to use that. And come back after 10 days to finalize the surgery.


I was not fully convinced with his theory of getting the tonsils removed just because he was going for a surgery. So I consulted another doctor in a nearby super specialty hospital, referred by a close family source who retired as an ENT professor few years back.




The doctor prescribed Audiometry and Tympanometry tests to further evaluate the damage of ears. The reports came fine, but he scared me more saying this should have been taken care long back and it potentially have impact on heart as well. And apart from the Adenoids removal and sinus repair, the bone inside the neck is slightly tilt and has to be straightened, because that is impacting the sinus. Tonsils are normal and they do not needs to be removed. It will be a 3-4 hours surgery, everything will be done inside the nose, not visible outside, so nothing to worry. Man, does not that increase complexity ? He is just a kid.

Seriously you are telling me that you have to fix that nose bone ? Had an heated argument on that, so much so that he told me you go and do the surgery yourself. Man, why would I come here if that was possible !! If you are a father, then you will understand. I just want minimum invasive surgery, only that much that is needed - unlike you fix everything at one go which could have more complications.

My inner conscience was not agreeing to these doctors and I decided to consult a third doctor and asked few other doctor friends from my society. A doctor friend advised to consult Dr. Debabrata Panigrahi, from Care hospitals. Just then his uncle came in and said we should meet him at his clinic in the evening itself. Without any delay we rushed there and finally felt like he was the man - what all coincidences - wouldn't you call all this Luck !! He told exactly the way I was feeling - operate only that much as necessary. If Tonsils will be a problem in future, we can get it removed later, but he feels 100% it won't be a problem. Right now, it will be just the adenoidectomy and sinus that will be fixed. And we are going in today - the surgery being planned early morning tomorrow. It is not a major surgery but, every surgery has a bit of risk which we have to agree on. We have already done the paper work for the insurance.

Wish us luck - let the kid pass this and come stronger. And before I wrap this , I must tell you that using that sinopure kit did really help to remove these blockages.


It feels like skin, but its not - just some hardened stuff from nose block and infection.


And the process of using that sinopure kit is nothing but Jala neti - one of the six yogic purification kriyas from our Hindu yogic system of body cleansing techniques. You can read more about it here - a page from Narayana health organization. Their name is enough - you can certainly understand the importance of these ancient techniques - you don't need to be an Hindu to practice these, anyone from any religion can do this. And most importantly if you have kids, teach them (if you can) to do Jala neti weekly once or twice - this is the easiest among all the kriyas but does have a very powerful impact on building their immunity.

Note - this post is not to complain about any doctor or recommend any doctor or hospital. It's just from my feelings / emotion - and educate others, if it can.



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I hope your son's operation goes very well, he will recover quickly and his life will improve a lot.

I have been suffering from turbinate inflammation for a year, and although it is not the same as your son's, it feels similar and I can tell you that feeling that you cannot breathe through your nose is a very horrible sensation... I have also been using the same medicine to help me breathe normally and although the doctors have told me to stop using it, I feel that it is the only way to be able to breathe well... and yes, it really becomes an addiction...

In my case I have already tried all the medications and they did not have any effect either, I only have to have surgery but I do not have medical insurance and the operation costs $1500 money that I do not have at the moment, for now I only have to continue using the drops...

What I have done lately is only use them on one side of the nose.

Well then I recommend you to do the Jala neti for sure - he did for just two days and he was saying the result is amazing.

I will do it ! Thanks man!

Getting s a second and third opinion is very smart of you. Many times one doctor will have one diagnosis and how to go about tackling the problem while another doctor will have a different course of action.
as a parent we are very protective of our children and making a decision to go under the knife is a huge call to make. After your diligent efforts to find the right doctor I pray that everything works out for your son and your family.

Thank you so much for the wish.

He's gonna like it after... lots of ice cream to eat. At least i had after this op... :smirk:

As a parent it is always difficult to watch your child suffer

I hope he has a successful surgery

Getting advice from multiple doctors is the key. There are some doctors who will suggest surgery for everything and thus we have to take multiple opinions.

Take care and he will be fine.

Thank you a lot.

I am hoping for his quick recovery, or even go better without the need of surgery.

Sending good vibes to you and your son. May he heal fast!

Thank you friend.

😕 whoa! wishing that young man a quick recovery! Life throws many challenges at us, but then we get to overcome all those and prove who's in charge..!

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I can understand your fatherly instinct and emotion, it's not easy howsoever we try. My prayers to lord Jagannath, everything will be fine.

Jalaneti is a powerful thing, my grandfather used to do it every single day in the morning.

Thank you so much, our ancients had much better knowledge to maintain health naturally.

Indeed. If you schedule your eating habits as per Bagabhatta you will never fall ill in your lifetime. In today's reality, we have messed with our immune system.

I have plan to start reading it.

This has saddened me. He's too young. I hope he gets better.

Thank you so much.

You're welcome. Praying for you and your family.

take care dear and be strong. I am sure he will be fine soon. regards

Thank you a lot.

I'm so sorry about this. Just recently we saw his achievements and milestone, now this is happening.

My dear friend first you take care your son. I hope now his health are good and he will heal fast. God always bless he don't worry my dear friend.

I'm sorry my friend, I'm sure everything will be fine! a big hug

@tipu curate

Thank you so much friend, it definitely adds to our strength.

Wow so sorry about all this challenges you going through. Well. It a big deal because we are all humans. I believe it will be sorted out by God's Grace. Keep the Fatherly work going. I pray for quick recovery.

Thank you so much.

Wishing you all the best for the surgery and a speedy recovery for your child. Stay strong and positive.

I'm so sorry, @sanjeevm.... when I saw your post title and your boy's picture I was sad because I remember you celebrating his progress in school the other day.

I am happy that you did not take one doctor's words for your boy's treatment. And that you decided to move around and ask more questions and consult more than one doctor until you found the one.

I am praying your boy will come out of surgery feeling fine and recover quickly too. All the best, sir

Thank you so much.

All the best, sir ❣️

It was good that you trusted your fatherly instincts and went for a third doctor's advice. Since he's a kid, it's important to understand that everything might just be too much for him to hear. I'm hoping the surgery turns out really perfect. All the best

Thank you so much, for your kind words, it definitely boosts me.

One thing I am very sure of is everything will be fine


This summer is turning out to be very dangerous. My daughter is suffering from dysentery since 8 days, I am also very worried. In a week, 4 visits to the hospital, but she still did not recover. Finding the right doctor for the right treatment is very difficult. And in such a situation there is mental distress.

Yes, I can feel the pain.

If the child is older than he can tell what is happening but my daughter is only 2 years old. If she is sick, I doesn't feel like eating my food.

That pinches for sure, my son was so sick in his childhood that we left Bangalore and relocated to my native. I know how it feels, have faith, she will be all right.

Hope your words come true and he gets well soon.

I am really sad to know about it, Such a cute soul had to go through this.

Ya, it pinches us.

yes it is the only way to follow to improve breathing it must be done but how do you say with the right Doctor since it is a complicated surgery you need to know and have the necessary experience performing such surgeries

The biggest problem here in Pakistan is that it becomes very difficult for a person to find a doctor because the people here today are only in the process of earning money. Man should not lose heart then God who is He fixes everything.

Please stay healthy and I wish him good health.

Who can you trust? A title and a white coat does not always signify one with your best intentions at heart. Nor does a saffron robe and tikak sometimes.
Jai Bharat mata

I'm sorry about that. I'm sure he's going to be fine now. And be strong for him too. My warmest regards to your son.

Thank you so much.

Yay! 🤗
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if the truth is that it is not necessary to attack anyone, it is only to emphasize how important it is to take care of yourself. I hope the operation is the solution to your son's problem and he can feel well soon.

Some doctors get annoyed when you disagree with or doubt their diagnoses because they quickly assume that you're questioning their competence. It was a really smart move to get the opinion of the third doctor.

My prayers are with your son. I pray for a successful surgical procedure for him.

As tough as it is to have to endure a surgery and manage uncharted territory for one of your own children, it is a blessing to have access to a competent medical system for an accurate diagnosis and surgical treatment. The alternative would not be as nice for sure.

He will float through the procedure and live a better life for it!

Good luck my friend.