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RE: Midweek Musings: "Updates" Are Nice, but NOT When you Constantly Have to Pivot and Change Stuff!

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I agree… that’s why I like Hive… very few updates. And I earn a little extra cash from sharing my Photography, Artwork, Videos and Actifit updates. I don’t understand why more people are not flocking to places like Hive, Dtube, Actifit, Blurt etc,… I guess they will eventually. We are still early adopters… since 2017 😂


Wish more people did find their way here. As you know, I've been part of these kinds of "rewards for content' sites for over 20 years, and they invariably seem "underpopulated."

I think it has to do with expectations. Those who are drawn here think of making money as thousands of dollars and are disappointed when it doesn't happen... while little attention is paid to marketing to the market segment that is mostly made of of people with full-time jobs who wouldn't mind a little sideline cash for pursuing their art, writing, photography, music, vlogging hobbies.

Just have to be patient, I guess...

Yeah… anyone I introduced to Steemit, Hive or Blurt did not stick around after only earning a few dollars / day… but a few dollars a day can add up to millions if you power up some, and sell the rest to buy the Bitcoin dips on …. That has been my strategy since 2017… and it works. Patience is the key.

Patience is definitely the key... and that's something often lacking in this world of 256-character tweets and tik-tok quickie reels.