Another Week in a Changing World

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Another crazy week in paradise, with everything around us falling apart!
At least that's how it feels as the landscape was torn apart by the force of nature during April when most of our metro was Adrift in the Storm!

The massive landslip from the school across the road, damaged our friends' home, as many of you have read about, and thankfully work has started to pick up the pieces, but the landscape is changing in a big way!

A large section of our tree-lined road has been stripped bare to make way for stone and wire gabions.
Why they could not leave the trees which were holding the ground together and build the gabions behind it, no one knows!

It's been noisy with trees being cut, large machinery moving up and down, large chunks of stone being delivered VERY noisily for the gabion walls.





I'd like to give you a peep at how our road looked before the storm, heartbreaking for all of us who loved our tree-lined road.

Image from Google Maps Street View

Life carries on as abNormal!

Guests have been coming and going for all kinds of reasons. I was chuffed to welcome a new guest with sunflowers stuck on her car's aerial, as this flower makes up the logo of our BnB Lily's Cottage.

Logo LilysCottage.jpg


My diningroom table was full of flowers as our son's girlfriend lost her Mom, so our home is currently filled to the brim with the children, and both units in our BnB are booked.

Andi Flowers.jpg

Breads and its sisters!

I'm still hooked on sourdough-flavoured homemade bread, determined to make the real thing. I always pinch off a little dough to make something quick for lunch.



When the breadbin is empty and it's lunchtime, and there are hungry mouths to be fed, a gal has to make a plan - so pancakes often come to the rescue - I served some with diced smoked ham & grated cheese, and others with sugar & cinnamon for dessert; simple but delicious.
A stack of pancakes waiting to be filled, no pics taken after that as it was way after lunch.


So...that was the week gone by - progress with flood damage restoration, guests coming and going, and food food food!

We've not seen many bees, so it was a surprise to see them buzzing around the Camelia tree, AND even more surprising that the Swallows are back; way too early as they usually only start arriving in September and October.

This old world of ours is a'changin for sure!


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Life today is abnormal for sure! Things are changing so fast, and even things like nature which we depended on for so long to indicate to us the change of seasons, for example, are changing as well! So many of the plants in my garden are also confused; trees that needed to drop their leaves did not, flowers that should only appear in September came in late July, and so on. And it is sad to see how some of these changes are not that good for the environment, like those storms you have.

Let us hope that we can survive our changing world with some wheat so that we can always make those lovely breads! Give the real sourdough a chance, it will blow your mind away!

Thank you @fermentedphil, I will keep on trying!
Yes even our plants are confused, the lawn is still green and the garden really lush. We have to adapt or die not so.
As long as the bees don't die out, we'll hopefully still have wheat.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday🤗

That is the big problem, right? The bees. I have been trying to help them by planting indigenous plants, and I have seen so many local bee species coming back. We should not just focus on the honey bees but the local ones as well. I wonder how wheat grown between fynbos would be! Fynbos wheat sourdough bread sounds like an experiment I want to do if I had more time.

Wow @lizelle, how frustrating when decisions are made by the local Council and or Government department make decisions that aren't thought through, local residents are not consulted etc.
I love your tree lined street before the storm damage. Such a shame to lose a piece of nature as pretty as that.
I have to say you are inspiring with your cooking. I have been thinking of pancakes of late but think pikelets will work for my husband. I do not eat wheat so it makes life a tad boring for me!😊
Hope you are well. 🧡

Hi @angiemitchell, it's so nice having you back!
Consultation is vital but sadly lacking everywhere; we even have one neighbour doing the most irresponsible work right on our boundary in an attempt to level his property. If he told us about his intentions, our retaining wall could have been heightened as it's been built correctly, but it's a case of stupid pride.
What a pity you cannot eat wheat, you're missing out big time, but you must be used to it by now & I'm sure you have good alternatives.
Have a great week @angiemitchell🤗

I'm happy you're still doing good business. You and your community are a true example of human strength. Our people in the cities wouldn't cope with such a disaster.

Among the wreckage you have so much beauty and deliciousness. I wish I could bake a loaf of sourdough like you. Your baking is picture perfect and I can smell it from here. I am now inspired to make pancakes. The first one always fails for me. Oh and the second...and...😊

We are really blessed with bookings despite all the damage around us!
The first pancake always flops but I'm sure you just need the right recipe although I've not tried using a vegan egg substitute. That may just be the crux of your problem?
My recipe also doesn't use milk, the liquid is just water & eggs.
I still need to bake a pucker sourdough bread, mine is a bit of a cheat!
Have a wonderful week my friend🤗

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You're welcome @lizelle! Have a nice day 😊🌹