Preoccupations and promises

I had two, no, three things I had to do yesterday. One took all day, and is still a work in progress which had a knock-on effect on one of the others. The third, was to make chilli jam.


Earlier in the week, and late the week before, two friends had delivered chillies. I had to deal with them before they went to waste. Nine years later and knowing my market, and having run out of stock before, I turned them into jam to stock up.

Making space

Last week, I had another rant about my prehistoric laptop and which complaint was less about her age than that she was full to the brim. I also mentioned having destroyed my external hard drive, almost losing all my photos...

Anyhow, I now have a 2 terrabit external hard drive. It's quadruple the capacity of the trusty old lady. So.

The first 2k...

That was the beginning. And, yes, for insurance, some is in the cloud, too. However it's not a quick process. Patience is not always one of my virtues strengths.

As one lot was done, I did another. Multitasking: chopping chillies and onions. That meant that the old lady could focus on her task.

Keeping promises

Once the chilli jam and a couple of other things were done, I was intent on keeping a promise. I thought I had drafted something and done more than a bit of homework and that all I do was tweak it.

I was wrong. All I had done was sort of tidy up the recipe. Even that wasn't enough considering what I have learned since.

Both oldies had to knuckle down and get it done. The electronic one to the human's frustration, was less than enthusiastic. It took more time than I had anticipated, but I was determined.

Garden forage

Of course, Sunday supper, even when it's a Weber roasted chicken that The Husband mostly does, needs attention. It meant another interruption and a trip into the garden.

Parsley, rosemary and thyme. No sage. It really doesn't like winter. So the chicken went without. Final additions: lemon and garlic. That is all. From the garden.

Then, blog done. With typos. Now mostly fixed. I hope.

Supper was ready.

No other pictures. Sunday, done and missions accomplished. Despite the preoccupation with rejuvenating the dinosaur which project continues today and probably into tomorrow. It'll be worth it. It has to be!

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma
Post script
If this post might seem familiar, it's because I'm doing two things:

  • re-vamping old recipes. As I do this, I am adding them in a file format that you can download and print. If you download recipes, buy me a coffee. Or better yet, a glass of wine....?
  • and "re-capturing" nearly two years' worth of posts.
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  • lastly, graphics are created using partly my own photographs, images available freely available on and Canva.

Great job.

I have so many projects and preoccupations with things that waste my time. Then I have kids and a never ending list of things I must get done that I never get through! 😱😱😱

Good luck with the new day and the new list of things to do!


Thank you. It's getting there. Had to be out yesterday for a chunk, so not quite done yet.

Good week to you, too!

Sounds like you got through the weekend well despite some "glitch" hehe. The chilli jam are looking so pretty and spicy!

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