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RE: We Can't ALWAYS Have Something "Original" to Say... Can We?

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I think if we write or blog consistently, we will run into perhaps not the same idea, but, perhaps a style, catchphrases, or something else that calls to my attention that it is you.

Is that unoriginal?

No. Not at all. I have written something only to discover that I may/or not, I am not raising my hand on it, brought this up already. Just like in real life. It's not a crime. I love flowers and I will find different ways to introduce them or not. Sometimes I may do it in the same way. Is that not original? I'd like to think that perhaps it makes me - well, me. I get original content and all, but, I don't think w should worry about making it so different that it becomes less us and more of someone we are not.

I like coming over here because you are interesting and your way of thinking pushes me out of my own box. Do I care if every single thing is new or never written about? Yeah, no. I like that I can tie it back to something I have read of yours,

I'm pretty sure the spammy posts they are talking about are not yours. LOL

Long answer short: not a chance.