Technology Breaks and Gardening

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To be honest, I can't remember the last time I went five days without posting.

In fact, I'm not sure I ever have, both here and on Hive's predecessor.

Pink strawberry blossom

Aside from a general feeling of lacking inspiration, we have finally had some dry weather, which means that "gardening season" has started, in earnest.

As for that lack of inspiration, the general "background energy" of malaise in the greater world has felt strangely draining, and at the end of working myself tired outside, I just haven't been "in the mood" for creative writing.

That "mood" was actually what caused me to eventually turn my back on a fairly decent gig as a technical writer in the IT industry, back in the late 1990's.

I just found myself unable to "stomach" having to write stuff when I really didn't feel like it. It's also why I never followed the advice of those who felt I should become a journalist... aside from not having an aggressive temperament, I kinda suck at things when I don't feel inspired to do them.

Wild sweet pea

That all probably sounds like I'm an entitled "Precious Princess" and so be it. There's a part of me that's inherently lazy, and it really manifests when I am faced with something I don't feel inclined to do.

Lately writing — which is normally one of my all-time favorite pastimes — has felt like being a turtle trying to swim through honey.

Gardening felt feels good. Perhaps what I like so much about it is the fact that it is an utterly "analog" activity. There's nothing technological about getting my hands in the dirt, pulling weeds and trimming hedges.

The only "drawback" about it is that it is not income producing.


On some level, it annoys me that we live in this day and age of alleged "prosperity" and yet most of us have to watch every single thing we do, and focus out attention and energies just on those things that generate income.

I suppose gardening passes muster to some extent because a significant part of what we are doing is growing our own food... which is a good thing, considering the current and rising cost of living.

But there's an intangible value there, as well... in the sense that when I'm out digging on the dirt, I tend to be able to forget about the eternal datastream that flows across pretty much all our screens, these days.

And that's definitely a good thing!

Wild beach rose

For me, the main thing that makes the entire societal machinery is that it seems to "run" on people's FOMO, which keeps everyone plugged into the toxic soup and in doing so, keeps everyone "trapped" in some way.

I'd much rather just dig in the dirt.

Alas... there are electric bills and phone bills to pay, as well as a truck repair bill. So it never really ends. But at least — for a few moments — we can all garden and get back to having our hands in the dirt!

Thanks for reading, and have a great remainder of the week!

How about YOU? Do you take "technology breaks?" Does unplugging from the data stream feel like a RELIEF... or are you worried that you might be missing out on something important? What's the longest you have gone (in recent years) without being connected? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!


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"On some level, it annoys me that we live in this day and age of alleged "prosperity" and yet most of us have to watch every single thing we do, and focus out attention and energies just on those things that generate income."

I feel ya! Everyday... Kings a few centuries ago would have envied our level of prosperity but now we're caught up thinking about money.

Reposted (:

I don't have own garden, but digging in the pots, changing soil and making sure all the plants grow well is a good break from all the screen time. And even though it is not directly bringing any income I see it as a contribution as well - it does give the brain time to cool off and sort things from the giant amount in information. I do need that sometimes. We probably all do.

"I'd much rather just dig in the dirt." :)

I'd much rather take a break from my work schedule. At least technology can be handled on my own schedule instead of something imposed by societal expectations for when people "need" to be available and active. As an instinctive night owl, I detest typical work schedulea.

Love the beach rose. Glad you've been "wasting" your time in the garden. But you and I, we know otherwise....

I am old enough to remember when the phone was stuck onto the wall and the dial was round with holes in it and we had a party line. My adult children prefer to communicate via text, so I have learned to text, but I often find it just plain disruptive and time-consuming. But I love them, so I put up with it. I don't spend hours reading the news. I prefer to read Hive posts. And I don't even do that every day. I am likeliest to disconnect from all things technological when I visit my sister. That's a great time to take a break.

I have been out in the garden too and I don't even feel bad about it. It is productive in so many ways. I don't feel guilty when I am on here, so I need to let the garden guilt go.

I am usually pretty busy during the week, so if I am not on for a day or two, it is usually extra work.

Le sigh.

I would rather be digging.

Writing can feel like a task sometimes. I feel that too but I do find poetry can be the gateway back. Just let the mind deal in semi sentences and images.

Like the turtle swimming through honey line:) Beautiful photos.

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I knew it felt like there was an air of something missing just didn't quite click what it was.

There really isn't anything quite like the spring running your hands through the dirt while masterminding the layout of your picturesque arrangement, arranging each of your seedlings into place like a stroke of an artist brush in anticipation of a final masterpiece. Despite numerous times informing people I love to play in the dirt, love to feel the dirt between my fingers they often surprise me with a pair of gardening gloves during special occasions like they never heard a word I said.

This year came with my grand kids, who were out playing with the hose, which I thought they were just rinsing the sidewalk, turning one of my flower bed into a mud pit complete with footprints deep enough to cast just a couple days after finishing arranging the seeds into the arrangement I wanted them to grow. Little buggers! It took days to dry out, another week to see what the damage was going to be. Luckily I planted enough off to the side as fillers that came up to replace those that made their way to mud hell, wherever that might

I love your "bacon inspiration" idea. Thanks to you, I have my notebook on my desk with "things to write about".
Even if it's just "the daily pea".
Speaking of ... thank you for the pictures of my first sugar snap pea!
What can I say? You inspire me.