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I wonder how many of us have done the following:

We read posts and curate; then we come across some post we like (usually reblogged by someone we follow) by a new (to us) person and it happens to have been published in a community we have never heard of.

The high desert near Joshua Tree, CA in winter

So we check it out, decide there's some really interesting content there, so we "subscribe" to that community... aaaannd... then promptly forget all about it.

Because life is busy, and there are always lots of things that need to get done, and then it's quite late by the time we finally sit down at the computer again... so it's easiest to just continue on our well-beaten daily path.

Earlier this evening, I found myself looking at the very long list of Hive communities to which I am subscribed and I felt slightly ashamed to admit that I still seem to post in the usual 3-4 places.

Time to break that pattern!


So, First Post in "Silver Bloggers!"

Not related to anything in particular, it still amuses me somewhat that I used the words "Too old for this?" in the title of my introductory post. That was five years ago! Sometimes I feel like that statement is as appropriate now as it was then...

The funny thing about how I have experienced the aging process is that I generally haven't. When I was in college, I'd look in the mirror and not really recognize the reflection looking back at me... 40 years have passed since then, and I still don't.

The only time Mrs. Denmarkguy and I are really aware of our ages is after a long day in the garden... and when we get up (slowly!) from the dinner table we look at each other and say "yup, we're not 29 anymore!"


Retirement in an Uncertain Age

Whereas I'd love to think that retirement is actually going to be "a thing" in my life someday... the reality of being self-employed and working from home is that it's very unlikely that either of us will ever be able to stop working.

Well, short of a miracle like winning $5 million in the lottery. But that would require us to buy a ticket, right?

Thankfully, neither of us do any kind of "heavy lifting" for our livelihood. I reckon I'll keep trading old stamps to collectors, writing and painting on rocks, and Mrs. D will continue counseling and making Faeries.

In a "perfect world" maybe Hive and its communities will keep going for decades, and those of us without cushy pensions might be able to slowly build enough stake here to supplement our incomes a bit via "a blog post a day."

That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?


The Appeal of Blockchain Social

One of the primary reasons I decided to jump onboard with what we might now call "Hive 1.0" was precisely this idea that I could plant my writing and my ideas here and not have to deal with the eternal concern that the service provider would suddenly "go out of business," and all my content would be instantaneously erased.

I like that sense of permanence — even though nothing really is permanent. Even so, I have been considering adding old family photos here and "telling the stories" that go with some of them. Somehow, it seems more... trustworthy... than genealogy sites, and definitely a lot cheaper! Plus... our grandkids would be able to read the stories without having to pay some "paywall" fee.

Of course, my list of "Things I keep meaning to do" is longer than the famous Great Wall in China... just the fact that I finally got around to posting in this community is a minor miracle!


In Appreciation of What IS...

Sometimes I watch our kids — early 30's — pretty much stay glued to their phones when they come to visit us for the weekend. I suppose I should be grateful that they voluntarily choose to visit the 'rents over a bunch of other things. But still... it makes me wonder what the landscape will look like when our grandkids are in their early 30's.

I love technology... I started playing with computers in 1976, and learned to write programs on punched paper tape, of all things!

My point is, though, that I do understand the appeal... and yet I think I just have too much appreciation of the tangible world and "what is" all around us to let myself disappear completely inside virtual worlds, the way some people seem to.

I don't say that as a blaming statement, it's just not for me...

Practice gratitude and Being Present

And so, in Closing...

This pretty much turned into a random ramble with no particular focus. But then, I think that's ultimately what journals are for. We can't always be expected to write cohesive "articles."

If you read this far, thank you for doing so! If something resonated with you, do leave me a comment... I love engagement — it's an essential part of the whole "social" web gig.

Have a great remainder of your week!


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Welcome to Silver Bloggers @denmarkguy, this is just the kind of content we're looking for!
I think maybe we shouldn't look in the mirror too often as we still feel young at heart...except when we've done too many physical chores and the bodily aches appear;)
We run our own bnb post-retirement and although it's hard work at times, I do believe that's what keeps us going in more ways than one! We'd get older much quicker if we weren't doing this!
Sharing memories here is great, no need to go hunting for those old photo albums that are stored in the deepest corners once we've shared it here!
I'm sure you'll enjoy our #bow topics as well, looking forward to seeing more of you🤗

Thanks @lizelle!

Our main activities around here include our ever-growing vegetable garden (hoping to become more and more food-self sufficient), my wife's non-ptofit organization, and of course our assorted online businesses... we're definitely not ready to sit down and "rot" yet!

Probably a lot of the content I'll share with the community here will be memories/anecdotal, which also happens to be one of my favorite forms of writing... and reading!

Many of us #silverbloggers feel the same! It will be great to hear about all the projects you're busy with, sounds like both of you are real busy bees🐝

Oh, man...I had to be seriously persuaded to join, let alone join the admin team of a community of "oldies". In my head, I'll always be 26 and never a day older than about 36!! But that's my head...let's not talk about the rest of it.

So much of what you say resonates - the tech, the changes the young people (and older ones) welded to their phones, a place to keep one's photos, musings...and...

I do agree with you that this iteration of Hive is a much nicer place than its predecessor. Also, while I'm not entirely sure about communities either, I rather like this eclectic one and found myself doing a first post in one of those communities to which I've subscribed but in which I've never posted....

Best I stop now and breathe...

Look forward to more of your silver musings....

I definitely don't feel old, at least in the spiritual sense of the word... there's far too much to be done, seen, learned and otherwise interacted with for me to stagnate! And I can't really escape the fact that my driver's license insists that I have rounded 60!

I spent a lot of time on the old "SteemitBloggers" community, which became "PowerHouse Creatives" and then "The Lifestyle Lounge," as one of @jaynie's helper/cohorts, but she's off in pursuit of other (external) adventures and soul-searching, so I am exploring a bit more these days.

Glad you decided to post your first here :) I am with you on the feeling of being young. We always think we are still 30, lol! But yes, we do age a little, especially when just like you said, sitting for a long time and when you finally decide to stand up, you feel ouch on the knees or lower back or elsewhere :D

The thought that our writings will still be around many years from now is exciting. Although the landscape may change years from now, I kind of hope that these records will outlive generations to come :)

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Plus... our grandkids would be able to read the stories without having to pay some "paywall" fee.

Well, I suppose that's gonna depend of the greed of the folks and big honchos who currently run and manage the chain and if they won't come later suddenly with some unexpected hardfork that changes the rules of free access at all. LoL

I enjoyed this post a lot. I also feel I have a lot of communities here on Hive yet to discover. Maybe you have already heard of it but there's a community called Hive Rocks that might be interesting for you 🙂

Silver Bloggers is a great community with some super nice folk. You'll always get engagement and friendship here.

I just hit 50 and still don't see myself as silver ahaha but probs the groan as I stand up tells me I'm getting there.