Insanity… and What We See Out of the Corners of Our Eyes!

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When we're little kids we see all sorts of things!

At least we think — or believe — that we see all sorts of things, but gradually we're ”taught” by the adults and society around us that the things we're seeing are "nonsense" and "not really there."


And if we overhear the conversations among the adults we might hear phrases like ”He/She just has a very lively imagination.”

As we move into adulthood, we gradually fall into a pattern of thinking that ”our imaginations are playing tricks on us,” and stop paying any attention to those things we periodically see out of the corners of our eyes.

It's not my place to tell anybody what we might be seeing with our peripheral vision, but it has always struck me that something must be there… otherwise, why would we be seeing it? Why would it even register?

In most cases, people would rather not think or talk about it… lest we be thought to be insane or deranged in some fashion.

But why so worried?


Does the fact (for example) that I not infrequently see what looks very much like a grey shorthaired cat walking or running across the room — always out of the corner of my eye — somehow make me a socially unacceptable human being?

Clearly, anybody in their right mind would insist that I'm ”seeing things,” and it couldn't possibly be a ghost or residual image of my actual gray cat Shadoe from some years ago. Wouldn't they?

This whole experience of being human can be very confusing at times!

Consider for a moment that you're an alien visitor from another planet who had no in-depth knowledge of our ways. Consider being exposed to the scenario that we lock up people in institutions as being "crazy" because they claim to see ghosts, while at the same time large numbers of people congregate in a specific building on one day out of the week to actually worship a Holy Ghost!


Doesn't really make a whole lot of sense if you're looking at it from that perspective…

When I was a kid I would spend a lot of time at my auntie’s house in the country. There was a very quaint old cottage surrounded by 24 acres of mostly woodland. As a 7-8 year old I would quite often spot what sometimes is referred to as ”Green Men” in folklore, and sometimes I would see what I could only describe as ”tiny humans” no more than maybe 1 to 1 1/2 feet tall.

Like most people, I soon enough came to understand that what I had been seeing was actually ”nonsense,” and just my imagination… and I went on to become a pretty ”standard” human being in most aspects of that word.

For most of my life, however, I have been somebody who asked questions. Not necessarily the obvious questions, but the less obvious ones.


Like, for example, why would nature and genetics equip us with a tendency to see ”invisible things,” when it seems to serve no actual functional purpose in our overall biological imperative to procreate and survive?

Or is the truth actually a little different?

Is this yet another area in which we have been trained to ignore something that actually exists, perhaps in a parallel fashion to how the industrial revolution changed our way of working from following nature’s cues and patterns and instead do everything according to clocks and timers?

Above all, why is the inconsistency? Why does a belief in God make us ”spiritual” or ”religious,” while a belief in alien life forms makes us ”nuts?” Moreover, why don't people ever seem to question these inconsistencies, rather than focusing all their energies on defending their points of view?


Yes, I do speculate idly on a lot of different things… including a lot of things that are not obviously visible to the naked eye. And then I remind myself that science often takes quite a while to catch up with speculation… And there's a lot of resistance to accepting things until they are given a stamp of approval from science.

Last but not least, that leads me to also remind myself that things like radio waves (and a bunch of other ”invisible” things) actually existed millions of years before we developed the ability to discern that they existed, and sudden unexplained deaths were ”the work of Satan” until we could see the little wriggly things in the Petri dish!

Projecting forward, I still hold that in 200 years from now we'll be able to measure and see things that are pure speculation or "in our imagination" today!

And, with that thought, I’m going to haul my speculative self off to bed! Thanks for reading, and have a great Friday!

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Created at 2023-02-16 23:11 PST



Interesting that you’ve seen the little green men. Can you recall what they were doing?

I used to frequently feel like I saw a person (or something) standing in the corner of my son’s room when I walked by the open door. It always gave me the creeps.

I can’t say that I can recall it happening in the past few months though.

All I really remember is that they were watching me, like I was somehow an intruder in their space. I never got the impression they were bothered by my presence... I probably still had "the innocence of a child" about me.

If you truly break everything down to its smallest possible component parts, we're ultimately just "arrangements of energy." So who is to say that echoes of a particular presence don't linger?

It makes perfect sense to me. Our sensory ranges are only able to perceive the slightest fraction of what is out there visually and sonically, so who knows what is actually all around us.

It makes perfect sense to me. Our sensory ranges are only able to perceive the slightest fraction of what is out there visually and sonically, so who knows what is actually all around us.