Afternoon Coffee With Friends... and Other Adult Activities

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The Internet is a funny thing. A paradox, if you will.

This game changing invention somehow brought everyone "virtually" into our living rooms, which at the same time reducing most people's social lives.


"Well, I don't see my 'real' friends as much as I used to, because... the Internet."

Strange that.

Yesterday, we felt very "adult" because we actually had our dear friends over for afternoon coffee. Probably sounds terribly old fashioned to some of you, but it was a poignant reminder of just how pleasant it is to share physical space with people... not just instant messages.

Just to wrap a bit of context around that, both Mrs. Denmarkguy and I are profound introverts, and we're generally quite comfortable just keeping to ourselves, in our own little world.

Sure, we see plenty of people when we go out and do art shows and such... but that's different; work related.


Got me to pause and wonder whether or not I actually saw more people socially before 1995... and the answer is q pretty definitive "yes."

But — as an introvert — I don't really feel like I am missing out on something.

A few weeks ago, I found myself watching a YouTube clip (which, of course, I can't find now!) by a professor of psychology who was pointing out how social skills among the "technological generations" was gradually eroding.

Not because people don't care," but because of a lack of usage. It's hard to be skilled at the social niceties of life if you're rarely called upon to use them.


Welcome to the Matrix?

As I have touched upon before, sometimes I can't help but ponder the possible reality that we're slowly immersing ourselves in our own self-created version of the Matrix, seeking refuge in virtual worlds of gaming and Metaverses... eventually to the point where were connected to the external world only by pipes and wires... while being tended to by some kind of artificial intelligence.

Would that really be a "better" world?

I'm sure some would embrace such a reality with relish... and I am probably dating myself as ancient by even questioning its veracity.

But hey, I am getting older!


This evening, Mrs. Denmarkguy and I are both working on our creative projects, neither of which have anything to do with computers or technology... I am just taking a short break to put together a blog post, before getting back to it.

It seems like physical hobbies are also getting scarcer; fewer and fewer people actually have hobbies, although some of that decline might be attributed to our ever-increasingly work loads and work hours.

Personally, I really enjoy my totally analog hobbies!

And with that said, I think I'll get back to them. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great Friday!

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I am tempted to scoff, "OK, boomer," but I really don't know whether impressions like this match real trends or not.

I attend two different game nights almost every week, and regularly visit a couple other friends. This is despite often feeling like I've had too much "peopling" as a librarian due to my own introverted nature. Sometimes I need some quiet time for an hour or so after work to recharge my social energy battery before visiting even small group activities. But I know it has done wonders for my mental health. One of the worst parts of early COVID concerns was the lockdown and lack of social interaction. Despite my tolerance - or even preference - for social activity, there was a burden of involuntary confinement and uncertainty.

But I also agree that while the internet is great for contact, it gets in the way of real connection. I like the folks I've met on HIVE, but it's not the same as sitting around the table swapping stories or playing games.

I remember what a big deal it was when "company" was coming over, as a kid. My parental units seemed to always have a bit of cake reserved for "company". Now? We seem to all head out to Starbucks or somewhere else. I like staying in, and having friends visit! But, because I'm Mrs. Denmark Guy, not too much. LOL!

When my kids were still in school, and before I was Mrs. Denmark Guy, I did a lot of socializing, especially with regard to the wee ones. I honestly don't miss that, but I do realize how important it is to stay connected, and not just virtually.

Mr. Denmark Guy says all the time, "I used to like being alone, until you."

"parental units" reminds me of seeing someone somewhere abbreviate even that to "rentals."

I know my parents often connected with other adults because of us kids, but the people I knew as a child were also often "friends" mainly because of who my parents visited or entertained, too. Even with the dubious benefit of Facebook's algorithms an "people you may know" connections, I have lost all contact with most of them now.

I also see emy friends who are parents now often struggling to find ways to connect with others. Adulthood gets in the way of socializing in general.

I've really avoided doing things such as visiting with people via screens. Speaking on the telephone (an old fashion corded landline) is as distant as I want social connection to be.

When my husband was dying I was dragged kicking and screaming into using a cellphone out of sheer necessity. And so I learned to text when I had to.

But mostly I keep my social interactions as much as possible in person or with a landline phone.