A Matter of Perspective: How We Use Technology and the Internet!

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Our kids are visiting from Seattle today on occasion of Middle Son turning 33... so we have a full house this weekend!


Long Users...

One of the things we often joke around about is the way "the young people" seem so "addicted" to both social media as well as the broader web of gaming and information. We kid around about how they are "always" checking this app or that, and this message or that, every two minutes.

Of course, the truth is that Mrs. Denmarkguy and I are also "always online" but the ways we each use the web are vastly different.

I get on in the morning and am there for a solid 2-3 hours, checking emails and updates and messages, and (on good days) gathering information to get ready to ship orders to customers. I'm probably also "on" for 4-5 hours straight at some point in the afternoon/night, doing further work and creating content for Hive and such things. When I'm away from doing something online, I likely don't even have my phone with me, unless I'm actually out of the house.


...and Short Users

The kids are more likely to be "on" every 3-5 minutes, for 10 seconds... and then back off. And on, and off, and on. Unless they are actually doing something like streaming a movie I doubt they are ever connected for more than a few minutes at a time.

In a sense, it offers an interesting "real life" insight into the way the world has "shortened" since I got my first web connection, more than 30 years ago. The web started out very "text heavy" and blogging was totally a "long form" experience... fast forward to the present day and the web experience seems far more about a storm of tiny "blips," none of which last longer than a few seconds.

The interesting part of this realization bring to mind the question of whether "the technology is following the usage demand" or "usage is following the technology offered?"



An interesting aside to this... and yet closely related... Mrs. Denmarkguy recently designed and published her own deck of Tarot cards and as part of Kickstarter funding she asked her numerous backers what "their preferred way to access web content" was... and more than 75% replied that it was their phone! The rest mostly use tablets and laptops... significantly only two of all these people actually use a desktop computer!

We talked a bit about that, and I allowed as how there would be "no way" I could possible write blog posts like this one, or work with large numbers of images coming from my high resolution flatbed scammer, or generally do photo editing on high resolution images.

The eye-opener wasn't so much that everyone present agreed with me, but the realization that almost nobody DOES that, as their primary reason to access the web.


Our daughter said she probably doesn't write more than one email a month when she not actually at work where it's part of her job as an executive assistant. Our son only writes a rare handful of emails a year, strictly in work related contexts.

It isn't necessarily that I am old-fashioned because I am mostly on a desktop computer, it's that the way I use the web fits into a tiny minority for whom using a desktop tied to a number of peripherals actually makes the most sense.

If I weren't in the blogging and eBay business, requiring processing sometimes hundreds of pictures a day... would I still be on a desktop? Probably not...

Thanks for reading, and have a great remainder of your weekend!

How about YOU? How do YOU mostly use the web? Is it in lots of "short little blips" or a few long contiguous sessions? What is your preferred way to access the web? Is there a connection between how you use the web, and the sort of device you prefer? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!


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I think I do both; some long chunks, for sure (because like you, I run a business online) and some short chunks, often. I got internet in my house earlier than most people I know - in the late 90's but by then I was already a late teen and so many of my habits around how to do life were already set up. I wasn't the 10 year old with a mobile phone in my pocket because, even though I was an early adopter, I wasn't able to get a portable phone like that until I was 17.

I definitely went through a phase in my younger adult years where my phone was always near me as I wanted to catch every phone call and reply to texts immediately. It felt so urgent and important. Then I had experiences, life, realisations, far too many scam callers, and now my phone stays on silent almost all the time, and it's rarely on my person except when I leave the house, and even then probably in my handbag, still on silent.

But I write this comment now on a laptop. I like my laptop. Like you, @denmarkguy, I write long form stuff a lot and doing stuff like that on my phone bugs the heck out of me. So most content creation and even a lot of my content consumption happens on my laptop. But then, maybe I'm more old-fashioned than I realised 😉

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I'm primarily a desktop user 90% of the time and phone just to check quick things. I prefer long periods of 2 to 4 hours at a time at computer. Shorter periods or checking things frequently doesn't seem to me as being as productive, focused or efficient, which may be just due to my love of software development.

But, for sure, I've noticed the same in my family: basically the younger tend to have shorter interactions.

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There are definitely patterns in interne use within generations. I do most of my work on my phone but my son and wife use computers.