The Rise and Rise of Virtual Hive

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Only one post yesterday?!?


I have a good reason though - kind of.

This year (unlike last), I managed to make it to virtual HiveFest, which is being held in the AltSpaceVR environment. Honestly, I didn't have high hopes for this, but I have to say, it was better than I expected it to be, even though I was plebbing it on 2D without immersive goggles. What I liked the most, was being able to catch up with a few people I normally only get to chat with in discord or on-chain and it was great to put some voices to the names.

Getting group selfies was a bit of a challenge, but I managed to snap one with this hottie - @m31. I don't know if she even remembers, but it was back in mid 2017 and only a month or two after she had joined herself, that she invited me into a chat with a lot of other people who are often still lurking about this platform, witnessing, developing and creating initiatives and the like. I think it was in that chat I really started my journey into understanding the blockchain and community.

Relationships matter.


Speaking of people from that chat, here is one of @themarkymark, but I had to take it from the waist up as he was wearing ass-less chaps to match his hat. As you an see, @meesterboom was standing behind and due to the sight from that angle, even he was speechless. I would have liked to have chatted to Marky a bit, but he was AFK, probably counting his HIVE after the release of


I got scammed into buying 10 of them too.



I don't even know anything about them, but followed the link and bought. I suspect they will be worthless, but still, oh well - at least they are on Hive. I wonder if people are actually going to trade them, but at least here, there aren't the exorbitant transfer fees, so perhaps people can have a little fun with them. I am not sure what the "rarity" means, but I don't think mine qualify as valuable.

I think most of this NFT stuff is going to die in the ass, unless they are able to add significant utility or value to them in some way. I prefer the NFTs I can use, like the ones on Splinterlands and my Hive account, though the latter might not be as "tradeable" in the same way, but technically are NFTs that are ownable and protected by the decentralized blockchain.

There are a couple things that I would like to listen in on today, but I don't have that much space free to do so, which means catching the recorded stream later. However, I am planning on heading into the space in a few hours to see if I can catch up with some people. so for those who are around, please hit me up for a conversation.

I had a couple interesting discussions with people last night, but what stood out was how there are still a lot of people who don't understand the Hive ecosystem or the blockchain itself - as they still think it is about earning on posts. That is only a fragment of the usecase now and whilst still important, it is less so than it was. There was one who was talking about downvotes being evil or some such, yet had no idea how the blockchain actually works. Oh well... some people are always going to misunderstand (often on purpose) as they believe their expectations and assumptions are the reality. They will miss out on the future value, because they do not adapt their processes for the changing environment. This isn't 2017.

This world of crypto is changing and what a lot of people are yet to realize is that once it hits a critical mass point, it is going to shift parabolically in usage and value capture, in much the same way the mobile phone technology moved, the internet uptake moved, the digital camera tech moved, the electric vehicle development moved, the social media growth moved.... except faster.

The reason it is going to move faster is that crypto is able to service all of those things in some way, without too much hassle. And, it isn't going to enable them in singular fashion, it is going to have multi-faceted approaches for each, which will not only compound within the individual industry, but will connect across these industries in ways that have not even been thought of yet.

Talking to one random person who joined a conversation I was in last night, it was obvious that there are still lots of "price" people who don't think further than the buy low and sell high mentality. The line was something like, "the future is whatever token Elon Musk Tweets about".


The future is millions of blockchains and tokens interacting together in many ways. We talk about Blockchain projects, but perhaps they should be seen more like businesses. Many people are still looking for the "winner" without realizing that there is space for tens of millions of businesses around the world as it is. Yes, some might leverage a single blockchain like Hive and use it as the infrastructure to support and enable the growth like Splinterlands has done, but some might use dedicated chains or, leverage single tokens across several chains, depending on how they are going to set up their models in the future. Through interoperability solutions, many things are going to become possible that are not yet in the mix.

One thing I am a bit disappointed about with HiveFest is, there aren't more people in the world there. This was a brilliant opportunity for many people to meet "face to face" and get to be part of discussions and get to be known, but many people seem to have missed it. As I have said many times before (including above), relationships matter on Hive and no matter who you are on the platform, with so few opportunities to "meet" even virtually, I think it is important to take them.

Before I end, one thing I would like to apologize for to those talking to me is, yes, I talk a lot, but I am still struggling to get my thoughts in order after the stroke, especially on the fly. Also, I want to say sorry for the people who could hear me typing like a crazy person as well... my headset seems to pick it up more than I have been told before - so now I feel sorry for my colleagues in Teams meetings! I wonder if they would be interested in having some AltSpaceVR meetings instead.

Right - in a few hours, if you see me at HiveFest, come say hi :)

[ Gen1: Hive ]


Gutted we missed you, we're wandering around currently just taking it in, no one at the campfire though, we did have a butchers at the NFT gallery, main stage and off to USS Valkyrie

I'll try to get in a bit after - family duties call!

cool, we're just about to cook dinner :)

I'll try to get in a bit after - family duties call!

Great post, appreciate your perspective and i really relate to the concept of the blockchain having space for diverse and many ecosystems that are supported through relationships. I am so glad my friends told me about Hive as this community has taught me so much and continues to do so. Cheers

I am so glad my friends told me about Hive as this community has taught me so much and continues to do so. Cheers

It is a great place, there are so many sides to it and it is constantly expanding. Who knows where it will end up :)

Bummed I was not able to jump in. Sucks as my son has an oculus as well. Just bad timing for me. Now to also snag a few punks…

Pity. Would have been nice to have caught up again. Though, less drinking was happening last night...

The oculus people were far more interesting to interact with, though 2D was okay too.

Would be nice to one day have our own VR space to do similar, perhaps on, then have always open spaces to interact.

Yeah. Totally bummed I missed it but the shop sucked away my life this week sadly. Hopefully next year we can all meet in person again. That trip was an absolute blast.

Yup, I regret not registering now for HiveFest this year, at the time I thought our electrical power outages here it would not happen, well power that be gave us power for the weekend, all weekend!

Last year I did manage to listen and join in on a very poor internet connection for short space of time via YouTube.

Will most definitely listen when recorded version goes up, so many ideas and new discussions in technology come to fruition via this get together.


That is a pity!
I am lucky I live in a place where power rarely goes out. I think it has to do with the winter, as if people lose power on the dead of winter, people literally freeze.

Not sure where the links to the streams are, but I am pretty sure available on various platforms.

now I once again feel like a caveman-I don't have virtual reality glasses It is amazing what technology can do.

you are right about relationships. Knowing people also brings opportunities to create content.For example I am glad that I know about Pinky and Spiky drawing challenge, THE WEEKEND and Hive Gaming communities. If we add Splinterlands it means that I have many options and making posts for entire week is easy.

I went 2d as I wasn't willing to buy goggles. It was fine :)

@organduo has been supporting pinky and spiky for ages. It is a great opportunity for those who want some fun :)

And of course @galenkp and Co supooetubg the weekend community and competitions is brilliant.

Content to create, is easy to find :)

I think we should look into the meta-verse, this is the future of the world, the virtual world. Facebook shows us what direction people will choose or will be forced to choose.

Facebook will be for the plebs. :)

Yes, I agree, but as a mega mass media will show VR direction for the rest. Of course in my opinion.

I should write a post a bit on this topic :)

I'm waiting for you post 👍

Nice catchup - would have been great meeting you, I missed it due to various reason. I had a code, I even had a speaking slot for Rabona but business life made it not doable - I was at least able to watch some presentations on twitch late evening yesterday, no chance to enter Altspace this year (last year it worked) - my Mac was declining the use of the App :-).

Would have been great. Hopefully this can be arranged between live hivefests too perhaps or, some space on Dlux.

Soon, you will be able to kill off most of business life that isn't blockchain related :)

I finally managed to enter via this Mac Beta App, got my badge and did a lot of photos but they can not be really viewed in my gallery - also i hardly heard anything - maybe some folks saw me and now think I am arrogant for not being talkative :-).

Glad we cancelled the speaking slot, would have been a small disaster then.

Lol, the typing sounded like a machine gun. I was thinking, no wonder the T-Dawg can rattle out them posts at pace!

It was fun, I think you are very right though. It would have been nicer if there had been far more people about. it was a bit sparse at times.

P.s. I will downvote this by 100% because, quite simply, I. AM. EVIL! :OD

DV? But that's not fair!!!

I used to be able to type quite quick (I can't touch type) whilst in the flow. Harder now.

Perhaps now that it is Saturday people will have some more time to join. It is hard for the yanks during the day.

That could be a point, it might be heaving tonight, or during the day for the americans. I will defo try to hop on tonight if I can quickly slaughter the family at Monopoly and get the young uns to sleep fast enough.

I would hate to see what you considered slow typing :OD

@galenkp got in for a bit after you guys left. It is pretty late for us and early for him though.

Family or not, smash em. They have to learn the harsh realities of life early.

I know, he is ten hours or something out of sync? I hope there were folks around.

I will smash them, despite the good lady's pleas for me to go easy... lol

despite the good lady's pleas for me to go easy... lol

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

All depends on perspective.


A good thing there was no live-vision of me at my computer...Might not have been good at that early hour.


At that time, I probably wasn't looking too shiny myself.

Lol...Us and probably most everyone else I'd say.

Enjoy it is all that I can say, as we have limited data, so no way that I could get in there. Luckily I can always read notices afterwards.

Data is an issue in many places, not here luckily. I chew through it these days.

Maybe one day I will also be able chew through data, but never up to your level :)

Data is generally unlimited here, fortunately.

Over here data costs big bucks. Marian marks the exams of +- 350 graduate students plus she lectures them before the exams, all online. Then there is the Papillon correspondences and a heap of other stuff. Finances, bills, books etcetera.
I am also on Hive and so we need 200 Gigs every 3 months. Capped of course.
So yes, it's a struggle and we cannot afford Fibre.

So count your blessing as they say, one by one with your unlimited data.

Good to see you on the card game table and managed to say hello too, Taraz! it was a lot of fun.

It was indeed! I hope we can do some meetups in real life in the near future too :)

Some days ago I learnt that there is a HIVE fest held every year. I would love to join, but I don't know much about it. Right, it is a great chance to meet Hiveians all over the world and get to known.

There have been posts all over the platform for it for about 2 months :)

It is/was a good opportunity to engage in a different way with people.

Sorry i missed it. Souns like fun was had!

Last virtual meetup I was like I should get to the next one (because I had something else over the top of it that I couldn't get out of). In reality even if there was somehow nothing on top of it I would be stymied by my crippling shyness XD

Hope you're having/had fun :D

I am new here - I'm fascinated by the earn-via-post idea. you mentioned that hive has become a lot more than that since then, care to enlighten an ignorant newcomer about what are some other cool aspects of hive?

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Some very good points and yes, there is so much room for thousands of business solutions around Blockchain at all.

It was good talkin to you yesterday. Now please downvote this comment. I am hoping for at least 40-50 downvotes.

I hardly downvote but volunteer if you really need it lol

And they say Hive has no community...

Please downvote this comment

OMG OMG OMG I did it, i flagged - I am a bad boy

Thank you good sir

my pleasure - after Altspace experience just now I am even more keen in downvoting something haha :-)

not yet

Oops, I accidentally upvoted.



:D I will DV as I see fit.
This DV will be for not bringing street meat to the party :D


That's more like it. Wherever live HiveFest ends up, it better have good food.

I’m telling you man. We need to go to Cabo or Cancun for the next one. The food would be amazing.