STEMng digest: 2 in 22

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A warm welcome to everyone to the second edition of STEMng Digest in the year 2022 (2 in 22). There are many talented Nigerian content creators on the Hive blockchain and STEMng Digest is a weekly publication where we highlight the best of stem content published by Nigerians.

Perhaps you are reading this weekly publication for the first time and wondering who we are, STEMng is a sub-community of the stemsocial community, a community that is dedicated to supporting stem authors on the hive blockchain. If you wish to know more about stemsocial on hive, you can check here

How do we operate? Perhaps you are wondering. Our curators browse the blockchain for stem-related content published by Nigerians which tick all the curation guidelines of stemsocial community and submit such for support (in the form of upvotes) by the stemsocial account.

For what has become the norm now, each of the authors featured below gets 5% of the total rewards on this post, except for those that are featuring back-to-back. This has actually been the case for a while.

The following articles are the posts that stand out for this week's STEMng digest, in no particular order:

1.@ebingo: When Leukemia gets to the brain

A post by one of the Nigerian medical doctors on the subject of leukemia. The author writes based on their true life experience of how a leukemia patient who was unlucky enough for the disease to have entered into their brain cell started hallucinating. While the experience may be overwhelming, there is something to learn for those that read and wish to learn.

2.@mandate: The Application of Diffraction in Light Production

This next post is from an old author whos just resurfaced on the chain again and has now been consistent for a while. He discussed the concept of light diffraction and how it is applicable to our day-to-day activities as humans. If you have ever observed the redness of the sun while it is setting, chances are you have witnessed light diffraction at play. The post says more.

3.@saintgentle: The Science behind Fasting

When most people hear the word 'fasting', the first thing that comes to their mind is religion. While fasting may have a lot to do with spirituality for religious folks, it has several scientifically proven benefits for the human body. This is what @saintgentle decided to educate us all on.

4.@noble-noah: Snoring While Sleeping: Causes, Effects and Treatments

Here is a subject that many may have experienced in real life but never get to understand the science behind it. Snoring may or may not have an underlining cause. The author discussed the likely factors that may cause snoring as well as proffer scientifically proven solutions to them from available literatures.

5.@cyprianj: Original Research: Evaluating the Healing Potency of Different Honey on Wound and Skin Infections Collected from Three Selected Hospitals in Nigeria

Last but not least for this edition is an article based on original research that investigated the healing potency of honey on wound infection. Many of us may not see honey beyond its sweetness and very few will associate it with wound healing. By the time one is done with this post, they may realize that honey has a much wider application than just sweetning.

If you are a content creator on Hive and wondering how you can participate in the community, all you need to do would to:

  • Write original content or make a video
  • Make it as interesting as possible
  • Adopt beautiful layout/formatting
  • Personalize your writing (it is social blogging, remember)
  • Use copyright-free images
  • Include references (facts over fiction)
  • to increase the likelihood of being discovered, use the tag 'stemng'.

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It is always a pleasure to write about those posts

It is always a pleasure to write about these posts

"Those" or "these", that's the question :D