Cyberbullying | There is nothing funny about this

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Cyber bullies are growing daily and they are cultivating their negativity on people's heart.

We know them and we know how blunt they can be whenever they pick anyone as a target. The hurtful words they type and post within a minute can place their victims in a depressive state for a decade.

I see no benefit attached to bullying people online. It's both a sign of immaturity and illiteracy.

The video gives deeper insight about Cyberbullying and whatnot... Enjoy

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I have waited long enough to get into Vlogging, and this is me jumping into it. It is not going to be easy. I know! But I'm ready to learn the ropes. One step at a time.

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cyberbullying is becoming a culture of some sort. online bullies get the most likes and laughed, for being 'savage' and I guess actions that are positively reinforced are most likely going to be repeated. We also need to become stronger emotionally. This is not an easy feat, however, we cannot control or change people who do not want to change, so we cannot be worried about things outside our control (most times)

Cyberbullying is already out of control and one of the things that makes it easy to spread is the hypes they get when they savagely hit people hard with their comments.

I can't make a case for those that allow themselves to be affected by what people type from the comfort of their home. It would have been nice if everyone can just overlook these malicious comments, but not all of us can do it. Many rate themselves based on how they are rated by others.

Not the best lifestyle, heheh... I know. We are dealing with this reality of life.

I really hate the fact that it is becoming an acceptable culture though... the same thing goes for negative news as it tends to have higher viewership people tend to focus on those types of issues instead of focusing on all the good in humanity. It almost makes you feel as if there are many people trying to suppress the human race at large. It is the same thing where a lot of nonprofits would like to use the poor in a fashion I heard called poverty-porn which is an awful thing to do to showcase suffering just to guilt people into contributing.

I'm all for proactive ways to attack situations as positive reinforcements are typically far more effective than negative reinforcements.

Lucky for us most of us on here have a more open-mind towards things so we can CHOOSE to focus on positives or at least be more conscious of our acts/decisions

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Nice DP. Hehe

Thank you for making a video of such an important topic. The thing that frustrates me is that there are some in this space if you do something and call them out for the abuse or "cyber bullying" they will respond with such actions that the normal person would give up.

My take on this subject is to stand up against them and show to them that you are better than that and shine a light on the subject no matter how much they can drown you out. I find it a bit odd that just 1 person who you call out for their actions can give you a downvote that can neutralize all the hard work you've made on the site. So I was around 50 reputation on this site and it just took 1 person to wipe me out to zero for just shining a light on his abusive behavior. Even after someone else stepped in to bump me up to 30-40 again this individual again stepped in to neutralize any good that have come from that.

For me I would never give the person the satisfaction that they were able to make me quit. If you stand up to bullies sooner or later they will back down. <3


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