Every single moment - Filming should not be prioritized

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All thanks to technology, tapping devices are there to hear you by day and spy cams see you by night. You can never be too sure of what you have in your home or office. Bugs can also be planted on people's phones which makes it easy to place surveillance on people.

Is this a good thing or not?

Before you draw a line on your answer, I would like to remind you that a lot of troublemakers have been punished in the past and a lot more will be caught, disgraced and served a deserved punishment in the future after being caught on tape by these surveillance gadgets.

Aside from the serious stuff, I also get a couple of video recommendations on my YouTube with titles like 'funny moments caught on camera' and 'Nice deeds caught on CCTV'. Watching those stuff on a good day can be a good icing on the day itself.

From one good stuff to another good recommendation and the watchlist continues. I have to say that this is the magic of YouTube. They've got a lot of good stuff there until you get to the 'weird ones'.


Can you guess how weird they are 😳

Let's be hypothetical:

Imagine a scenario where people prioritize standing, filming and screaming 'OMG' in an accident scene instead of attempting to rescue the victims or, at least, call 911.

In case you are still unaware, this is exactly the world we live in. A crazy world where every single moment has to be filmed. C'mon, the rate people bring out their toys (phone, camera, name it) to film occurrences is kinda weird.

Instead of attempting to make good use of the golden hour after an accident, many videos on the internet has proved that some people are rather interested in filming and posting such footage on socials. All for the clicks, likes, views and cheap fame.

Yeah, it is what it is. Disgusting!

Let's get something clear.

I love techs and I love videos, but we've all got to toss the Cams aside and 'help' when it's required.

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I've seen it really bad when someone is taping a child in danger - and not running to help. Even when parents think things are funny - sometimes they really are funny little situations - but sometimes they turn badly fast. and then what do you have?

a video of a child hurting themselves and the evidence that you didn't do enough to stop it. yes - definitely the weird culture that we are living in now!!!

definitely the weird culture that we are living in now!!!

"The Culture of a digital world"

Parents are ready to make their kids shed tears just to get their reaction to a prank. Lol.

Pranks are cool, but a pranks that makes a kid to shed tears needs to be reconsidered.

yes - or even just letting the children do something that's distasteful - for a laugh?
for views?

there is a line. I have seen plenty of videos that just happened to be caught at the right time - and - you know, they're entertaining and cute and funny.. smetimes catching a hero saving someone at the perfect time - i love this!!!

but - others...

yeah... you have to wonder!

Well I get what you mean, many people would rather be conveyors of bad news for social points than do what is needed to help in times of distress, I have witnessed this myself. But then again, in the case of accidents, most people would rather be bystanders than help given how capricious the men in black can be in this part of the world. But going back to your initial, I agree that we have become so obsessed with capturing and sharing. I am making efforts to keep the camera down and enjoy important moments rather than capturing them.

Mannn... These 'Men in Black' will be the end of normalcy in our society.

Whenever I see how people volunteer as 'witness' to incidents in some part of the world, it makes me wonder why a witness would rather be treated as a culprit over here.

I can still recall when my phone was stolen in 2020. Even as a victim, these men in Black wanted to turn the table and treat me like a culprit because I didn't want to fuel their car 😳. Haha. Weird stuff.

We do see life from different dimension over here. That also need to be taken into consideration.

Oh one of the first lessons you learn on the streets is that the police ain't your friend. They aren't after justice. They are only after their pocket

This made me remember the young guy who jumped into the third mainland bridge. Instead of helping him not to kill himself, rather they were filming him all for social media. That's unfair though. We need to have this humanity in us and stop going crazy trying to win yourself over cheap fame. So disgusting too.

Yeah... We've seen similar incidents. People can wake up any day and take a long walk from their home to a point where they plan to end their life.

They might not really have the courage to end it. Deep down, they are at that spot and hoping that someone will talk them out of it.

Imagine how it will feel for the people that are supposed to talk them out of such to actually be the ones flashing camera in their eyes. Hehe

This says it all 🙆‍♂️

The image cracked me up 😅😅
You are right. We need to show care and concern and not the other way round.

This is very common in this age. There are various videos where terrible situations could have been averted by the photographer

And far too often, they end up prioritizing the clicks and Filming instead of making effort to save.

Awkward... That's awkward

Very awkward

My dear.. the idea of fun now is to dress up, go somewhere and film oneself. Go home and upload. No fun had. Just filming.

Pros and cons.. good enough the cons are what we can manage if we want to. But, will we?

Exactly... 'if we want to, we can always manage it'.

Now who will try to settle a dispute between a conductor and a passenger or a conductor and a police officer? Hehe

Majority will stick out their camera to make sure that all the details will be filmed. Afterwards, you see such videos flying around social media.

That's the trending way of life at the moment. Most painfully so 🙆‍♂️

If only filming will bring further aid, while physical aid is also being administered.. if only, we won't be complaining about it.

Yeah... Fortunately, everyone knows how to open up their you and film incidents. On the other hand, it's painful to admit that the same people do not have a basic knowledge of administering CPR in urgent situations. Hehe.

And that's so bad.

It's so annoying when you see videos of someone filming instead of helping a person that's in danger.

A bunch of that is in almost all social media platform. Going forward, more of that will be recorded. Hehe.

It's really disgusting to witness this first hand in real life.

In our part of the world, they will be recording and screaming "Jesus, Chai, Ewoooo". Haha. But that's it. No sort of assistance.

Just stand, scream and film.

Funny enough that's the Direction majority of the world's heading to... Imagine filming a drowning victim or accident victims and we expect the world to be a better place when all allot of people want is First view Fame

Honestly we have to be more human Because these gadgets were not created for such
@khingstan Cares 🤴✌️

Your points are valid. It's no longer a surprise to see such videos making waves in social media.

It makes us to wonder if there could have been a different outcome if people focused more on assisting those that fell into an accident instead of flashing camera lights on them.

Sure my dear
We have them all around
Thanks for your contribution

@khingstan Cares 🤴✌️

Crazy how i have seen someone jumping into the river because the person making the video was more interested on getting a story rather than saving the person.

And more of that will be seen in the future. That's ludicrous, isn't it?

It's disgusting, so to speak.

Great post with a very nice message...

Nice work bro..

Yeah... It's a message that will be hard to stick in our memory, but it would be nice to see people giving it a try for humanity sake

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