Now not unemployed and kicking it

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One morning I got a call from my coursemate as early as 1 am, I normally wouldn't pick but I practically sleep-picked the call just to hear urgency on his voice saying I should check the medical and dental council website for available hospital placements.

I had been job searching for 3 weeks. I had traveled from state to state to try to secure a job. These days Doctors are in high demand though...but I still needed some assurance so this call early this morning wasn't an ordinary call for me.

Since it's a competition of speed I raced down there to see the available hospitals. The council gives people the option of selecting a place.

From other days what we saw were hospitals in the North that are usually affected by terrorist attacks.

When I logged into the site the available hospitals didn't seem amazing to me. With the limited time, I tried to call @bhoa who had already chosen a place for himself in Ibadan.

The hospitals I had to choose from were Illorin a more Muslim state in the west and Anambra...a very Igbo state.

Finally, I went for Anambra the lesser of two evils to me.

The good part of all this is that I have never been to the is a first.

I have a job secured that pays well enough for me to consider investment opportunities.

The problem is it's in the bakery house for Igbo people and I can't speak Igbo.

It's also dependent on Nigeria's government...A government that has left Doctors without pay for 6 months with no pity or reason.

Wish me well though.


Congratulations. At least, you've got something to hold on to, government job for that matter. Salaries won't go unpaid for a long term and you've got something on the sideway that can keep you going here on hive.

Thank you. The way @belemo puts it that I have the job on the side.

At least when they delay pay as they usually do...I'll have something to fall back to

Congratulations dear. I am happy for you. It's an opportunity to explore the eastern part of Nigeria,network and learn new things.

Thank you dear.

Thank you for stopping by too

You are welcome

Congratulations! The good thing is you will be learning a new language and culture if you go to the east. It should be a great experience for you and you have a placement unlike some other people. I wish you the very best.

Thank you dear.

I'll do my best to learn the language and participate in as much as I can handle. Even though these day I feel too lazy to learn new things.

Thanks for stopping by