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The only best way to predict the future is to look back from 100 years ago, how things had unfold and the revolutions that have taken place till this present time. The revolution started with agriculture, where the basic focus of humans was tiling and cultivation of land for living and it evolved into the industrial revolution where education and jobs were introduced, then to the information age with the technology and internet but as the world kept evolving life became harder, first, for people who had no educational qualifications, then later on vacant spaces were filled making it hard even for the graduates. The problem with each evolution is that it requires a particular specification of needs that brings more hardship.

There is a saying that goes

The children are the future


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This means whatever we hope to see in 100 years from now depends on the kind of nature of children we build following this trail until that year. One of the best ways to see the future is to take cognisance of the "future" itself which are the children. Technology started long ago but it was the present generations that modified it into what we see today introducing both the internet and the internet of things. The other best way to see it is to observe the structure of our education, industrials, government, and politics.

I See A Future

I see a world in the next 100 years to come where technology has advanced to a height where God is no longer reverenced. It will be a world where artificial intelligence will rule and robots will take over almost every sector both in the medical and jurisprudence. A world where science is lord over spirituality. However, suffering will increase and poverty will be used as a weapon to manipulate men into doing things out of their will.

Men will presume those days to be the better version of the centuries lived as lawlessness will abide. The desire of men to invent things that suit their pleasure will increase. No! I wouldn't be alive then, even if I am, I would be too frail, old, and weak and all I could mutter in my seat would be how the old times was better than the present except for the technological advancement which will only make slaves out of the ordinary men.


You paint a really vivid image of the world 100 years from now. It is a bitter sweet one because while they evolve, they also forget.
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That's true, no one remember what was before

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