How to Protect your Skin against harmattan

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Hello and welcome to my blog. This is @daniky. I want to leak out the secret of how to protect your skin against harmattan and stay refreshed all day and night.

As each year comes and goes, it is no news that we age gradually. Some people ages rapidly than normal due to lack of Adequate skin care or protection. Our skin is one of the most vital sense organs of our body and it reflects the measure of care we give to it. To this effect, here are few tips on how to guard your skin against harmattan this season.

1. Drink plenty of water to prevent your body from being dehydrated



Harmattan causes prolong dryness which can cause the skin to tingle. Drinking of water frequently helps to optimize the functionality of your immune system and balance the osmotic pressure of your body during harmattan thereby preventing dehydration.

2. Frequently use your nose mask to avoid inhaling dust particles or airborne diseases



The world is still on the fight against Covid-19 as the statistics is gradually rising up due to the new strain of Covid-19 out break from the UK. During your house chores such as sweeping of floor and the likes we unconsciously inhale a certain amount of dust, irrespective of how clean such environment can be. This is why it is advisable to be on your nose mask at most time especially during this harmattan season to avoid unpleasant conditions.

3. Avoid skin toning or bleaching creams

Many skin toning creams today are known to contain hydroquinone, which is a deadly compound responsible for the cause of skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent as it exposes the inner layer of your skin to dry harmattan. You're recommended to avoid creams rich in hydroquinone not regret later as time goes on.

4. Avoid hot bath



Hot water and long baths strip the skin of moisture thus making it look dried. So that's why you need to limit your bath time to 5 to 10 minutes and use warm water instead of hot or very hot water. Avoid long bath.

5. Avoid the use of hard sponges



Wet your skin, rub on the cleansing agent, massage properly with your bare hands and rinse off immediately. Never wait for your skin to dry completely before using your moisturizer. Make sure you're using a good cream. Damp skin absorbs moisturizer more readily than when dried.


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