Eleven (11) Health Benefits of Garlic You should know

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Garlic is a potent and incredibly medicinal and beneficial food to people across the globe. It comes in different food modifications like garlic bread, garlic flavor of chips, spiced chicken, salad dressing etc. In ancient times, garlic was used by the Egyptians to boost their strength and productivity and other used it to treat circulatory ailment and infestations.


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As explained in the Talmud in the Second century, garlic is used to treat parasites and other disorders. In Ancient Greek, Garlic was used to make people stronger and prevent skin poisonings. In ancient Roman, garlic was used to boost cardiovascular system, treat gastrointestinal disorders and relieve joint issues, while Japanese and Chinese uses garlic to improve their respiratory and digestive function. It has been scientifically proven and confirmed that garlic is a super food and one of the best remedy for common ailments.

Here is a summary of list of some of the health benefits provided by raw garlic;

  1. Prevents heart attack and coronary heart diseases by lowering blood cholesterol levels thereby reducing the risk of heart disease

  2. Minimizes the effect of bugs and insect stings

  3. It relieves diarrhea

  4. It treats diabetes

  5. Relieve cold symptoms and hay fever

  6. Prevents the development of Atherosclerosis

  7. Flushes out toxins from the body

  8. Garlic boosts Immunity

  9. Treat fungi infections

  10. Treats enlarged prostrates and Osteoarthritis

  11. Solves Respiratory and digestive issues

From the above review of mine, i hope you'll see the need to include garlic in your daiy diet as it's more of benefit in building a stronger and healthier immune system specially during this covid age. So, maintain health guidelines and the rule of hygiene as "Health is Wealth".


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Garlic is definitely a powerhouse of a vegetable and something I eat daily in y diet. I love it grated raw over my food. Thanks for sharing the wonderful properties of this super food xxxx

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