Travelgirl’s Apple Watch Unboxing | Travelgirl 的 Apple 手錶開箱

Hi Everyone/ 大家好,

When Apple announced the new watch, I thought its time to buy it this time. I haven’t had the watch before and seeing my husband had his for years and know how it works, I think I would get one myself this time. So hubby and I ordered two watch the morning we saw it being released and the estimated wait time was around 5-7 days. Considering it is currently in COVID19, the turnaround time is pretty quick. Unfortunately, on the 5th day, my Hubby’s watched arrive but not mine. After a few days of chasing up, the courier advised that the product is damaged during transit and the only thing Apple allow us to choose is to cancel the order and wait for a replacement with an estimated wait time of November. The options were not acceptable so I went to order the watch via Officeworks, same watch face just not the same band I originally ordered which is still fine. So today I received the parcel with my new watch!

早前蘋果宣布會推出一隻新錶已宣佈第二天我們已經一早在網上購買兩隻. 在網上訂購之後系統顯示大概要五至七天就會送到來澳洲. 因為疫情關係覺得運送時間已經非常快所以都期待兩隻錶到手的一刻. 都第五天運送公司只送了其中一隻錶說另外一隻錶因為運送期間有問題所以要打到總部了解一下. 原來運送期間我隻錶被弄壞所以蘋果要重新訂做另外一隻給我,預計11月前會寄到來. 當然等那麼久時間不是理想所以就趕快到 Officeworks 買另外一隻. 雖然錶帶不是我想要的但可以遲一點再換錶帶都冇問題. 今天終於收到新錶所以現在可以我開箱給大家看看.

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Parcel was packed well by Officeworks which was a good sign. As usual, Apple does a great job with their packaging this time the box print looks so cute. I ordered the 40mm gold watch face with pink strap. I will re-order a strap of my choice later but there is no hurry.

這間運送公司處理得非常專業. 跟蘋果以往產品一樣,表的包裝簡單但好看尤其是用不同顏色錶做印花很可愛.今次選了金色錶面加粉紅色錶帶襯起來都不錯.


IMG_1787 2.JPG

IMG_1788 3.JPG

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The exciting moment. The pink is so pretty! There were two straps included with two different sizes. I chose the small/medium size strap as I have a small wrist and it fit perfectly. Now it is time to configure the watch and get used to my new watch. Love it!

這個粉紅色非常好看.他們盒裏有兩條不同 size 的錶帶而我因為手比較瘦所以就選擇用細/中碼這條. 現在要慢慢調教想要的 Apps 放在錶上希望可以方便日常生活.你們會考慮買 Apple Watch 嗎?

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animation by @catwomanteresa

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Oh so cool! I like the colour :)

yah i'm looking for a new band now. You thinking of getting it?