The Use of Condom Not to be Trusted Rather Than Test Before Sex

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You might be thinking about having sex without a condom. You shouldn't. Condoms are the best way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies.

But what if you don't have access to condoms? Or what if you don't like the feel of them? In cases like these, it's important to remember that you can always go for a test before sex.

Going for a test before sex is the best way to find out if you and your partner are free of STIs. It's also the best way to make sure that you're not putting yourself at risk for an unplanned pregnancy.

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What Is the Importance of Testing Before Sex?

Before you have sex with someone, it's important to get yourself tested. That way, you'll know whether or not you're both free of any sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

It can be disappointing to find out that a condom broke or that you were dealing with an STI the whole time. But it's better to find out before you actually have sex. That way, you can make a plan and decide what to do next.

It's always better to be safe than sorry. So make sure you get tested before you get busy between the sheets.

Why Don't Condoms Guarantee Protection?

Condoms are a great way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancies, but they're not 100% effective. That's why it's important to get tested for STIs before you have sex with someone new.

Some people get disappointed when they find out that their partner was not monogamous and that they may have contracted an STI from them. But don't let that discourage you from getting tested. It's always better to know your status and take the necessary steps to protect your health. And remember, you can always get treatment for any STI you may have contracted.

What Types of Tests Should Be Done Before Sex?

There are a variety of tests available, ranging from blood tests to swab tests. The most common tests I'll be recommending to you include: Source

  1. The HIV Test: This test looks for the presence of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It can be done through a blood draw or a swab of the gums.

  2. The Herpes Test: This test looks for the presence of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) or herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). It can be done through a blood draw, a swab of the genitals, or a swab of the rectum.

  3. The Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Test: This test looks for the presence of gonorrhea and chlamydia. It can be done through a urine sample or a swab of the genitals.

  4. The Syphilis Test: This test looks for the presence of syphilis. It can be done through a blood draw or a swab of the lesions associated with syphilis.

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How Often Should One Get Tested for STDs?

Getting tested for STDs can be a great way to protect yourself from any surprises down the line. There's no set answer for how often one should get tested, as that really depends on your lifestyle and if you plan on having unprotected sex.

If you're in a monogamous relationship, it's recommended that both partners get tested before engaging in unprotected intercourse. If you have multiple partners, the ideal is to get tested after every new partner. Furthermore, if you ever have symptoms of an STD (e.g burning sensation when urinating, discharge, itching, or rashes), I'll be suggesting you should get tested immediately.

It can be nerve-wracking to go and get tested, but remember that your health and well-being come first! Your doctor or healthcare provider will be able to provide advice based on your individual situation so don't hesitate to reach out if you need more information or guidance because they will always be there to help.

What Are the Possible Complications Associated With STDs? Source

You might be thinking, what's the big deal if I get an STD? Well, STDs can lead to all kinds of health complications, including pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) infertility, and even cancer. And that's not to mention the potential for mental and emotional distress.

It's also important to note that some STDs don't show up immediately and can sometimes take months or even years to show symptoms. So if you're having unprotected sex, it's a good idea to get tested every few months—that way you have peace of mind that you're healthy without having any kind of surprises later down the line. Plus, you'll be able to treat any infection quickly before it becomes worse or spreads to your partner.


Excellent publication, totally educational, although when we talk about sex, people are alarmed since for many this type of conversation or publication is still a taboo, but getting down to business, but looking at it from another point of view, it is very educational and teaches us to reflect on having sex responsibly and in this way we avoid any type of sexual disease and in turn take care of our partner and our relationship is more stable and healthy. Thank you for sharing your post on behalf of this server @theshot2414.-

Indeed dear friend, sex education is very vital in our life. Come to think of it, when I wanted to put down the publication, I was a bit shy but I later gathered courage rather than focus on the information it will pass to the general public.

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