Grug - Wojak Series (6/20)(MEME NFT)


I created another new NFT for sale at the

Grug Thumb.gif

This is Wojak 6 of 20. There are 10 editions avaliable for sale as low as 600 MEME!

Grug refers to an illustrated character who resembles a caveman variation of Wojak and is typically accompanied by captions or messages written in Hulk speak. This Wojak was popularized by the movie The Croods. ---- Wojaks are crudely drawn meme people (usually just heads). They are used in internet jokes to convey different stereotypes and emotions. This NFT is part of a series of 20 NFTs that can be used as avatars. Each file has been cropped and sized to the perfect dimensions for a HIVE profile picture, 512x512 pixels.

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