Daddy's GIrl - Wojak Series (5/20)(MEME NFT)

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I created another new NFT for sale at the

Daddy's Girl Thumb.gif

This is Wojak 5 of 20. There are 10 editions avaliable for sale as low as 600 MEME!

Daddy's Girl refers to a pink-haired female Wojak wearing a pink T-shirt labeled "Daddy." Online, the wojak has often been used to illustrate various qualities attributed to modern females, also gaining active presence in Yes Chad comics and other Wojak Comics starting in late 2019. ---- Wojaks are crudely drawn meme people (usually just heads). They are used in internet jokes to convey different stereotypes and emotions. This NFT is part of a series of 20 NFTs that can be used as avatars. Each file has been cropped and sized to the perfect dimensions for a HIVE profile picture, 512x512 pixels.

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haha got them all :D