Phenibut as a Nootropic The Socially Lubricating Anti Anxiety Smart Drug Cosmonauts Used

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Phenibut was first synthesized behind the iron curtain in the USSR. It's one of the few Nootropics we know has been to space and back; it was included in soviet cosmonaut's medical kits.
Phenibut has a special relationship with the GABA receptors; it's a purveyor of a tranquil and euphoric mind that you can use to replace a social drinking habit for about a dollar a night.

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⚠️️ Apparently, I need to add a trigger warning: this video contains heroin injection imagery. This is something that recovering addicts might NOT want to watch.
🚫 Also, those with addictive personality types should avoid things like Phenibut.
😎 For everyone else, it can be a great tool for stress management, sleep, enjoying music, and even as a social life hack. In my past life as a digital nomad, when I would spend time in countries where boozing was pricey I would go off it for 30, 60, or 90 days and use Phenibut as a social lubricant.