# #JS from Start- Numbers and Math Objects in JavaScript

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Again, I got occupied with other things and could not continue the tutorials as planned, but I will ensure I take it to the place I planned.

In the last tutorial, I wrote about Type conversion and Type coercion, and I gave some clear examples and deep explanation about it. Today, we will look at Math object in JavaScript. Unlike, I have been using image to show example, I will write the codes here and you can test them on your editors and check the output as well.

So, let's roll!

const fil1 = 80;
const fil2 = 20;

let fil;

Basic math

fil = fil1 + fil2;
fil = fil1 - fil2;
fil = fil1 * fil2;
fil = fil1 / fil2;
fil = fil1 % fil2;


Math Objects

fil = Math.PI;

Math contains properties and methods. Properties are attributes and method is a function inside an object. PI= 3.141592653589793.

fil = Math.E;

This will give us 2.718281828459045

Checking for more helpful methods, we will check round, round up, down and a few.

fil = Math.round(5.8);

.round will round up and down. 5.4 would round down and 5.8 would round up, but you could specify by using. ceil or floor.

Round up

fil = Math.ceil(5.4); 

This will give 6. 

fil = Math.floor(5.8);

This will give 5. 

Others are:
fil = Math.sqrt(200);

fil = Math.abs(-4); 

Abs is Absolute and the negative number will turn to positive.

fil = Math.pow(10, 2); 

100- same as 10*10

fil = Math.min(2,21,89,23,9,-4);

This will output the minimum number which is -4

fil = Math.max(5,99,9,36,2,8);

The Max number is 99

fil = Math.random();

This will give a random numbers and if you want to get a random whole number, you may need to specify.

fil = Math.random() * 30;

29 will be the highest number with decimals. If you want to have 30, you will need to add on 1 and to take way the decimals, you just need to wrap it with Math.floor

fil = Math.floor(Math.random() * 30 + 1);

This is where I will stop today. I hope you get something from it. See you guys on Thursday.


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