Authority Email Marketing: Email Marketing for Getting More Authority, Loyalty, and Sales

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Email Marketing, as the name suggests, is using email to distribute your marketing messages, but it is way more than that when done correctly.

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Very informative post. I am reblogging it to spread your wisdom. Thanks for sharing.

I've messed around with setting up some sites for email marketing. My problem was that it was so involved to get it all working well. From setting up the software, finding a provider (I tried MailChimp), and then trying to dial in the copy, branding, etc. I got overwhelmed.

I'm really curious to follow this series.

I still haven't investigated ListNerds.

That’s all too common, and it’s a shame. The problem is without a list you’re at the mercy of centralisation and algorithms. Even here on Hive, will anyone see your content after 48 hours?

Email marketing is powerful. So powerful that many business owners who do not have a large list but a devoted following can, and do, outperform those with huge lists.

As always, the message, the contents of the email is key.

Great reminder of what is essential @makerhacks!