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🌟A new level of our family business, guys - we've bought our 3rd 3D-printer - this time it's a photopolymer AnyCubic.

My HiveFam knows that we started this 3D-business 2 years ago, and now it has become much more popular than it was before, and it's our progress and result of my huge efforts.

My hubby was dreaming of a photopolymer printer for a long time, and some months ago we decided to buy it.
Our first 2 3D-printers work great for technical issues more, but a photopolymer printer can open new levels for us, and we can get new customers and make our professional fields wider.

We had B;ack Friday 11.11, and we bought it there.
Now we study its work, try different methods and models for printing. It differs friom classical 3D-printers much, but it's not a big problem if you know how it all works in general.

So now I'll show you some new photos

it's a printer itself

and it's a washer and dryer

and it's our first models;)

it was a test
great detalisation, yeah?:)

and this guy is known all over the world;)


@steampunkkaja's cross-post sent me here. Nice prints! I dig the Not-A-Space-Marine. !PIZZA


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@jacobtothe(1/10) tipped @taliakerch (x1)

Learn more at!

Guau que divertido, felicidades por la nueva adquisicion y recuerden tener los cuidados suficientes con la resina. Casualmente yo tambien empece mi emprendimiento hace unos dos años me gustaria seguir viendo sus trabajos, siempre me encantaron las figuras con pequeños detalles se ven realmente geniales.