PRINT: A 3D Printing Token for the Hive Platform?

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This is something I've been thinking about for awhile and now I've taken it from hypothetical to theoretical.

Today on I created PRINT or "Proof of Print" token. There is a max supply of 2 billion PRINT tokens but not a single PRINT token has been minted yet and none will probably be minted for several years.

I've already gotten MEME token running for and I've already committed to getting PAY active as a political tribe token next. Since I've already put most of what I have into @memehive it's going to be at least a year minimum before I can do for PAY what I've done for MEME. I'd expect at least two or three years though before PAY is a proper tribe token.

After MEME and PAY I will be able to get to PRINT. A delay of a few years might not be a bad thing since that gives extra time for 3D printers to become more of an everyday thing. 3D printing technology is still young. Naming the PRINT token "Proof of Print" also future-proofs the token to include the even newer 4D printing technology which is emerging.

What finally got me to create PRINT was @newagenerds joining Hive. @newagenerds have a plan for a monthly program in which members get a monthly 3D print and an NFT to go with the 3D print. To join their membership program I would have to create a account to get the 3D print and it seems @newagenerds issues the NFT through I don't have the budget for a monthly membership and I don't want to create a account. I like the way @newagenerds is going though with an NFT for 3D prints. That's cool.

Maybe since it seems they've already put more effort into than Hive @newagenerds won't ever use the Hive platform exclusively for their membership program. They easily could since Hive now allows recurring payments and Outpost has a feature for communities to mint their own NFTs.

Maybe if POB ever gets to a value of 25 HIVE or more and BEE stays around 1 HIVE I could sell all of my POB and fund both PAY and PRINT as tribes. It would be great if I can expand my 3D printing community on Hive into something similar to what I am doing for memes on Creators posting about 3D printing could get PRINT token rewards and 3D print NFTs could be minted.

It's something that I can't financially do right now but I've created the token for when I do have the capital. In the meantime I can work on building my 3D printing community:

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I've been on minds since 2015, the halls are kinda empty, but most of the people are nice enough.
They don't pay much.'s token is on Ethereum and after selling off all my .eth ENS domains I've sworn off using ethereum for the foreseeable future.

Yeah, I got a bug bounty from minds years ago but haven't cashed it out for just these reasons.
I refuse to pay the fees.
I imagine a day will come when I need to sell some crypto and I will start with minds.
If minds could achieve more adoption they might be worth boosting content with, but not yet, there just aren't enough people there.

@holovision We are glad to hear that you found inspiration through an idea we are implementing to increase the up take a physical attachment to NFTs. I believe we are in your community at this time and would love to do what we can to help educate, assist, and grow as best and fruitful as possible so if we can do anything to help dont be afraid to reach out.

Please don't bring a bunch of stupid plastic that will end up in the ocean.

That's really interesting 🔥👀

I'm here for this. It's an awesome idea.

Hey buddy so this crypto proof of print, I actually can see it. Think of it like getting experience points for your printing. I'm down, I looked at our printer today, it gives you the stats of the build down to weight, cost, and measurements. Thats what you would need to offer them (xp points) Proof-of-Prints is right there in the stats. So yeah I'm down. Its the coding I aint down with no skill😂

So Im going to have to dig on some blogs on how to connect the states from printing into PRINT.