Edible 3D Printing

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Eventually I want to own a food 3D printer like the one in the review video below to make edible 3D prints. The process seems very similar to the Tronxy XY-2 PRO FDM printer I already own. One difference from what I understand researching the topic of edible 3D printing is that the nozzle can be changed "cold" unlike my plastics 3D printer which requires the hot end to be heated. I also like the feature that most food 3D printers can use the same CAD files as a 3D printer that extrudes plastic.

3dsourced.com has a ranking list for the best food 3D printers this year. All of the models on the list are over one thousand dollars minimum so a food 3D printer is out of my budget for now. I guess the benefit of waiting for the price to drop is that the technology will also improve.

All3dp.com has a good guide explaining chocolate 3D printing further in depth.

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Yes!!!! Instant dinner!!! Yeah man!!! Awesome. Can't wait to see a robot build my nachos and get it right.

It's not quite "instant" yet because then it would be a Star Trek replicator.😁 You're technically right about the nachos. A 3D printer is by most standards a robot.

3d print nachos!!!! And yeah man.. replicate it up!!!

The hologram prismatic looking chocolate I've seen looked cool...but seems like a limited use niche thing now? I mean, until they can print a turkey with gluten free stuffing in ten years...

That's pretty dope and quite reasonable in terms of price. If I have some spare money, I'd get them😄 say bye to cooking.