3D Printed Guitar Pick

Image Source: Personal Photo

Last week I posted about printing a triangle opening tool and @davidke20 replied to the post mentioning how it was similar to a guitar pick. I don't play the guitar so I can't judge the quality of a guitar pick but I found several guitar pick models on Thingiverse by user gabrielfp and printed one. The model I printed was pick_v2_10.stl with 100% infill.

Image Source: Tronxy 1.4 slicer screen cap

The print consumed less than half a meter of PLA filament and was printed in less than 10 minutes. I am guessing for a hard guitar pick ABS would be a better choice to print with for this model.


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Hey man. Thanks for picking this up. Guitar pick is a simple triangular plastic stripe. Material wise, it can be thick, medium and soft. However, elasticity is required, and it needs flexibility when strumming the pick. It's preferable to have a very smooth surface, on all 3 sweeping points. The thumb picking point does work with grove, to improve grip. This has almost all the good things from a good guitar pick, except the sweeping point not smooth.

Thanks again buddy 😘