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RE: About the STEMsocial app proposal?

I will not be surprised if the proposal does not make it at the end of the day to be honest. Stem hardly gets the necessary supports even in real life.

But just before then, have you considered giving this post (or any other one relating to the proposal) a bit of visibility by using the post promotion feature on PeakD? Its just a thought, I don't know how it works cos I've never used it.

Whatever happens, we will keep out heads high and keep doing what we've been doing to contribute our own quota to hive.


It seems that the purpose of this community is exactly to be seen by the community and allows for constructive feedback. As the community is quite new, we need to give it some extra time (it is not even 12 hours old).

Concerning the advertisement, feel free to cross-post it elsewhere and to promote it. Be sure I do my share behnid the scenes, as usual ;)