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RE: About the STEMsocial app proposal?

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I think that in general proposals should ask for much less in easily digestible milestones (as you said you yourself have pondered about this option). 60k HBD is too much money for a frontend (even though you are trying to solve other problems too)...Human psychology works in a way where it is much more appealing if that amount is divided into many steps (connected to those milestones). Well...but you yourself know that. Its just you have prolly chosen the wrong way - but you can still screw that old proposal and start with those little milestones anyday:).


This is true, but users have also the option to stop supporting the proposal in the meantime if they only partly agree with it. I am however not very confident about scratching it and restarting from 0 as it has been quite hard to get where we are. Maybe this is the way to go, but maybe not.

We are planning instead to rewrite the initial proposal following the template that has been proposed, and also include some other work related to the problems that are specific to what STEMsocial is aiming at. In this way, the funding will not only be for the front-end, but for anything that will help the project to kick off and be independent from external funding.

I also insist that we are planning to be fully transparent on how the funding, if granted, will be spent. This requires trusting us, but I hope everyone is convinced we have already proved to be a legit project...

Users have also the option to stop supporting the proposal in the meantime if they only partly agree with it.

I myself have thought about this concept. In theory this works in my brain too, but I’m afraid that in reality people will ease their decision making and if they see high HBD tag they simply won’t support the proposal. They will prefer an option where they won’t need to re-evaluate their choices as time goes by.

I think that much more plausible option is the exact opposite. I think that users might come back one day and support projects subsequently when time flies by and the HBD tag is seemingly suddenly more appealing. But we will need more time to validate this theory.

Nevertheless if it makes you happy I think that it is a good choice to rewrite the proposal in order for it to fit into that template. I also very much like the “financial roadmap” as I agree with you that you have already proved to be a trustworthy entity on the block many years ago! The last thing that I would add is “the more details regarding (not only) the money the better”:).

In fact, there is not much we can do except guessing at the present time. This is still too early in Hive history :)

I am not sure I will be happy but I think it is important to provide justifications that are clear enough for everyone. From there, there is not much I will be able to do :)

In any case, thanks a lot for your comments! That really helps.

Well I have tried to help as much as i was able to:)

I finally did it yesterday (see here. But not so much of an effect (at least so far) ;)

I’m following your dev account:) will check it out as soon as i have time...and will give you a feedback too when I’ll be at it!

Thanks, I am looking forward to read them!