What comes first for you, TRUTH OR LOVE?

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When two good virtues, Love and Truth, are placed on the table and one must be eliminated first;

Which will you go for?
Which will you consider first?
Which will you eliminate?

When our friends do things that we are not happy about, we sometimes see ourselves trying to endure that without actually letting them know they hurt us with whatever they did because we feel it might affect our friendship or relationship if we do, but,
Is this always the right call to make?

Endurance is really a good virtue on her own but then we often endure even when our friend doesn't even know that their actions offended us and they might even do it again because we didn't speak out and choosed to endure.

So who suffers now?

Both of you suffers sadly....

This is because you are suffering by enduring what you should have stopped from happening again by letting your friend know. You complain each time he does this same act but then you never complain out, hence, increasing your suffering.

Your friend also suffers because just as the name implies, Endurance, it is not a lasting solution but a temporary one.
There will come a point when you cannot endure any longer and what happens then is that the smallest act that wasn't actually meant to be a problem triggers our emotions to explode and we find ourselves bringing up what our friend might have even forgotten that it happened up and things he didn't know got you angry because you never told him.


This has destroyed many relationships, friendships and trust among friends and family members.


What do you think should have been the best?

Well, I will say that I would have really loved it if you could be able to tell your friend or anybody that offended you immediately that you didn't like what he or she did but now with a great responsibility of telling him or her with love and not just shouting about it.
A good manner of approach to our fellow human beings saves us a lot of troubles

This way atleast, you can stop him or her from doing it again out of negligence even though it might cause a little problem while telling him or her but trust me, it won't destroy your relationship or friendship with him or her.


I just wanted us to know with this post that;
Truth may be vital, but without love, it's unbearable.

Have a beautiful day ahead
Thanks for reading 👍


Teacher of love, teach us more 🤗😂

You're right with the last sentence... While the truth is important that it should be said, it has got to be said with love.

I know exactly how the truth hurts different when there's no love in it 🥲

So which breeze blow you come Hive today? 😑😎🤣

Teacher of love, teach us more

😅😅😅😅, I should report you to hive.... This is bullying

I know exactly how the truth hurts different when there's no love in it 🥲

It's definitely not what I'm thinking 😉

The harmattan breeze couldn't do it until the breeze of Sapa came in like Thanks😂😂

How did I bully you na? Don't false accusation me na 🥲

It's definitely not what I'm thinking

And I'm so happy we are not thinking the same thing, are you me? Is me you? 😏😂

the breeze of Sapa came in

🤣🤣🤣🤣 And breeze of Sapa even gave you inspiration of "Truth and love" motivational write up 🏃‍♀️

You don't know how string Sapa is😂😂😂

I can get a glimpse of it from what you're showing me now 😅

The best and healthiest form of communication.

Enclose a great healing power for our mental, physical and emotional health.
Love motivates us to go the right way even if we have to endure hard trials, love will give us that stamina and courage to do and say the right things.

Excellent post, I think I even feel that your post inspired me to respond to you in a poetic way.

Friend a suggestion is very likely that you have not noticed: The second image has an error when copying the link. It does not refer me to the link of the image. But to the author's collection. It is a small error important to edit and fix.

Thank you for your willingness

Thank you for your wonderful comment and for reading through
I also appreciate the correction... I made the post with sleepy eyes, my bad but I have corrected the mistake now

Thanks a lot.... I appreciate

Endurance is good but when our friends hurt us, we should let them know that they have gone wrong. This would also help them as they learn from their mistakes.

Thank you for this wonderful piece.

I'm glad you saw my point and for you reading through.... I appreciate
Thanks for coming around

I was going to say that there is no love without truth.

Not really. Not actual love of the person as a whole individual...

But you have a valid point here. 👍

I'm glad you saw the reason at last because people that don't really want to love you are even the people that say the truth about you but the difference here is that they say it even in the public with the aim of seeing people laugh at you.... Maybe it was just a mistake that you made and they will want to whole world to laugh at you because of that but someone who loves you will certainly look out for you even in your mistakes.

Thank you for coming around and reading my post... I really appreciate your wonderful comment also

Sadly I believe that some people who do love us just don't love themselves enough to be able to love anyone else well.

But I'm keeping your words in my heart for the future. So thanks for your thoughts :)

I would have wanted to understand what you really meant in full but since you want to keep your thoughts I won't push you.
I really appreciate your coming around too... Thanks



Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's!

Wow....this is really a good scenario you painted here. I once endured something about my husband without letting him know his offense and then he kept doing it again and again. It became so annoying until I let him know his offense and then he stopped. It's really nice for us to speak out rather than unnecessary endurance without a tangible solution.

Nicely written my dear 👍🥰❣️

Thanks for the beautiful comment my Aunt.

Speaking out atleast saves us the pain of witnessing the same offence twice.

Exactly 💯

Truth IS Love! Love IS Truth!

You meant to say you can't chose between the two?

🙏 What to choose in a singularity, what to choose in unconditional Love?!

Love is also s very good one to choose.
Thanks for coming around and for your comment

Love will always cover a multitude of sin, but loving someone and enduring the pain that they give, only shows you don't love them enough to stop them from ruining the relationship you have with them.correction in love is very vital at this point.

Thanks for your wonderful input my dear friend... I really appreciate

I don't think one can live long without the other.

That's the honest truth.
Thanks for your input brother

Impossible to eliminate or separate one from the other. Love and Truth belong together and we can't have one without the other. Topic to philosophize for many hours. 🤗


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Thanks very much

we can have one without the other.

I think what you meant was that we can't right?

Ups! Yes, you are right! Let me correct that!

It's alright
Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment also

I love this Spero, speak peace! Most find it hard to make corrections the right way which breaks relationships.. I do agree with everything stated.

Thanks a lot @balikis95
I'm glad you found reasons with what I wrote and thanks for reading through


I agree with this. If you have a problem with your friend, tell him. If it's bearable, then let it pass. But if it's a serious one, better solve it than get offended again and again. Your friend doesn't know how he acts or that he hurts you. So better tell him frankly instead of hurting yourself more by concluding about his behavior.

Got your post from @dreemport.

Glad to have you here and also glad for your input.... I really appreciate

love covers a multitude of sins, allowing us to withstand things which would otherwise cause issues in a friendship

That's very true but as humans, you get to lose your cool once or twice in life and what if the situation that made you lose your cool was a problem you have been enduring without telling your partner?

I think I need to come for a section of love matters from your end. This is great content here and I got value.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you are amazing

Hahaha... We all keep getting better everyday.
We either learn from our mistakes or learn from the mistakes of our friends and get better.
I'm glad you got something from here and thank you very much my friend for reading... I really appreciate