Happiness - Is It Real Or Just An Illusion

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Good day everyone and welcome to the second half of the year, Happy New Month guys. Happiness is something we all seek for in this life. But do you know what happiness truly is? This is a question I have been asking myself and I know, many others would have been thinking about this same very question at some point in their life or even currently. Is happiness real or is just an illusion? I will share my opinion about this, so do find somewhere quite quiet and comfortable and read through this amazing article I created just for you🙂.


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First thing first, what's happiness? Many scholars have defined what happiness mean to them. Scholars like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, and many more defined happiness in their own different way and that's to show how indefinite and vague the meaning of happiness truly is. Let's use the definition of wikipedia, as I feel that's neutral and not based by just one person's opinion.

Happiness, in the context of mental or emotional states, is positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Other forms include life satisfaction, well-being, subjective well-being, flourishing and eudaimonia. Source

I suppose you know what happiness is according to wikipedia's definition. But what is happiness to you? I will love to hear your definition of happiness in the comment section below. Let's continue, so from the above definition of happiness, we can say happiness ranges from contentment to intense joy. What does it mean for you to be contented. Is it good to be contented? If everyone was contented would the world have evolved to what it is currently? Definitely, NO!!! Then why should we contented? Because some people will say contentment is a sign of weakness or you giving up.


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Let me talk about what majority of us, would have experienced to reach the level where we are currently. For me, when I was young, I wanted to come first in class, and that would make me happy. After getting coming first in class, for number of times, I felt nothing coming first in my class again. I started thinking of graduating and entering the University, as I believe that would give me extreme joy and happiness. I did entered the University of my choice and study the course of my choice, but after 2 years in the University, I couldn't wait but to graduate and enter the Labor market. I'm currently in the labor market, moved out my family house and living by myself, yet I'm still seeking for happiness. When I moved out from my family house, I rented a small one room apartment. For the first 2 months, I felt like a man. But after some while, I wanted to move to a 2 bedroom apartment. I wanted to buy Television, Fridge, Generator(we normally don't have much electricity) and can you believe, I have achieved all that, but yet I'm still seeking happiness. Understand it, I'm not sad or unhappy, but there's that feeling of wanting something, or not feeling this is what it feels to be happy, I hope you understand what I mean. So at what point will I be contented I often asked myself so that I can be completely happy with life.

Currently, I want to have a car, I want to leave my country and live in a better country maybe Europe or Namibia, I want to have a mansion in that new location, I want to have so much money that I won't worry for money ever again and so on. I could achieve all this and still not be contented and hence, not be completely happy. What do you think will make you contented in life. Kindly comment below, I will love to know.


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We often associate happiness to money and it's not so wrong, because money can buy you those things that will give you happiness. But can money buy love? Can it buy loyalty? Can it buy a good wife and good children? There's an extent money can go, but it can't go all the way. Why is that many rich people, often say "Money doesn't buy happiness". Why is it that, the richest and wisest man to have ever lived, Solomon, said "All is vanity upon vanity". He married over 500 women, ate the best foods and did things no one can dream of, yet he couldn't attain happiness.

The issue with us, humans is that, when we achieve something, we no longer value it. Can you remember the last time you were sick? You would be seeking for health and would be saying health is wealth during that period. You would see how people were jumping, running, walking, eating without any pains and your wish at that moment is to be healed. Just 3 days after you have recovered, you would have forgotten how it felt to be sick. We adapt to changes quickly and forget what we suffered very quickly.

The main issue with why the general public seek happiness, is because of movies we watch and the social media. We see happiness as travelling the world, having sex with many people, partying and having fun at all time. But that's not real life. Can you go a week of partying non stop, drinking and taking happiness drugs at all time. You won't survive 6 months, because you would be most likely hospitalized or be dead, and that can be proven scientifically. Can you tell me when was the last time you experienced happiness? I know you will come up with something. And that just tells you that, happiness is not a lifestyle but blissful moments in your life.


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The truth is that happiness are moments and not what you would be experiencing everyday once you have it. It is just that feeling of joy, that last for a moment, because there still would be something that you would want or something that will make you sad, such a loss of a family member(parent, siblings, uncle, aunty, cousins, the list goes on), your child choice, your business, little quarrel with your partner, and so on. Something will definitely come your way. So, we shouldn't seek happiness, because I believe it's not our final destination, it's just blissful moments. We should just try and enjoy every joyous moment we have and cherish them. Happiness are just moments, it's not supposed to be experienced at all time, and don't feel you are unhappy and unlucky if you are not feeling happiness at all time. No one feels happiness at all time. Examples of moments where you can experience happiness are, your wedding day, your graduation day, giving birth to your child, buying a car or device, and so on. They are literally blissful moments and nothing more. Everyone has been happy at one time or the other. We all think of happiness as a destination, but it isn't, happiness are the blissful moments in your journey of life. Try and cherish every blissful moments in your life because that's what happiness is all about, just moments.


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Disclaimer: Please note, I'm not a professional therapist or psychologist, I'm just sharing my experience and research with you all.

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Till I Come Your Way, Stay Safe!!!


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Indeed, happiness is impossible to have permanently, 24 hours a day, just as it happens with the other basic emotions that are not healthy to have in this way.😃

We know the case of Solomon, and he was a man who had the things that many people desire, and together at the same time! If in the end it is vanity, it is a good reference to take into account the wise advice and give the right place to material things and money. ✨

Greetings @menoski 🍧

Social media and movies have changed what happiness truly means. Because it portrays happiness with the rich lifestyle and we all strive for that, and without that, we believe we can't be happy. Our belief system is one the strongest weapon against our happiness and it has hinder so many people from being happy. Not knowing that those moments with your loved ones, and those moments that make you laugh, is what is needed the most. Yes, wealth is good but also don't forget those little things in your life because wealth doesn't guarantee happiness.

Thanks for coming around as always. Big hugs and love ❤️ @hive-102879 🙂

personally think that contentment should go hand in hand with this feeling of happiness, as always wanting for something will only widen the gap one digs in their own hearts. nice perspective reading, thank you for sharing your article on this 😊

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I'm glad you liked the article. Yeah, contentment and happiness should really go hand in hand. Because that means you are finding joy and peace, in almost everything you do, and not seeking for that dream life we see on social media or in movies. It can achievable but you enjoy the journey and people around you.

Thanks for coming around @ilovewintergem

I love your content... I so much fell in love with it.
I think happiness is just a feeling of joy which only last for a moment. There's no one that has ever been happy right from the first day of his life till the end. No one.

Exactly, there's no one person that can be happy throughout an entire year. Very true. I'm very glad you love the content.

Thanks for coming around @sholex94

You're most welcome.

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