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RE: Happiness - Is It Real Or Just An Illusion

in Emotions & Feelings • 5 months ago

Indeed, happiness is impossible to have permanently, 24 hours a day, just as it happens with the other basic emotions that are not healthy to have in this way.😃

We know the case of Solomon, and he was a man who had the things that many people desire, and together at the same time! If in the end it is vanity, it is a good reference to take into account the wise advice and give the right place to material things and money. ✨

Greetings @menoski 🍧


Social media and movies have changed what happiness truly means. Because it portrays happiness with the rich lifestyle and we all strive for that, and without that, we believe we can't be happy. Our belief system is one the strongest weapon against our happiness and it has hinder so many people from being happy. Not knowing that those moments with your loved ones, and those moments that make you laugh, is what is needed the most. Yes, wealth is good but also don't forget those little things in your life because wealth doesn't guarantee happiness.

Thanks for coming around as always. Big hugs and love ❤️ @hive-102879 🙂