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I've been transforming our home into a smart home in the last couple of months. The more I invest time and resources, the more I like about the concept. It quickly became an addiction for me to improve the setup in my home.

Already posted a couple of (funny and stupid) things:

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 16.29.47.png

My Homebridge instance running on a Raspberry Pi model 4

I'm planning to document my whole setup and the things I've done so far. (My smart home stack, scripts, data collection, monitoring, automation, etc.) in a series.

I thought it would be good to create a Hivemind community about it so that other "smart home" people can also gather around and share stuff.

Check out Smart Home Community to see the posts and subscribe if you're interested in the subject.


Great idea.

Good luck

To each their own, I hope to never have any of these spy devices in my home! Big companies can't even keep their own databases safe and secure, nevermind these smart devices.

Best of luck to you!

That's a valid concern. I am personally happy with the "Homekit" level of security.

But you don't need to buy "spy" products to create smart things at home. Some dummy sensors and a raspberry PI are enough to do a lot of stuff.

True, I've heard a lot about the Raspberry, I need to look into one, they seem like pretty awesome devices.

Nice! Looking forward to you're descriptions. I've got openhabian on a pi for the main brains, and it ties together a number of things

Mostly bullish on zwave because of stability, reliability, ease of local control, and interoperability

Maybe once you show us how it's done, we'll all have to share our setups.... I'm gonna nerd out so hard here :D

Why don't you share your smart home setup in this fresh new community? :)

I think I will. Was planning my next post to be about my genomics work, but I'm getting burned out on it. Been a draft for way too long :D

HA is way more fun. I might push out a quick overview of my setup a little later tonight, then follow up from time to time with specifics on some individual pieces/aspects

Thanks for the community <3 home automation!

Interesting idea. Looking forward to follow this community as I'm currently learning about KNX and my dissertation was about smart buildings.

This will be an easy subscribe for me! I look forward to getting ideas for things to implement in my home.

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