Quickly gather statistics for your data using Excels Descriptive Statistics

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Excels Descriptive Statistics will quickly allow you calculate a number of statistics from multiple columns of data at a time.

The statistics include

  1. Mean
  2. Standard Error
  3. Median
  4. Mode
  5. Standard Deviation
  6. Sample Variance
  7. Kurtosis
  8. Skewness
  9. Range
  10. Minimum
  11. Maximum
  12. Sum
  13. Count
In this video you will learn how to activate the Data Analysis tool pac in Excel and how to quick run descriptive statistics. You can download the data set at the bottom of the article.

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Excels descriptive statistics can be found in the data analysis tool pak. This is an add in, and to turn it on, got to file, then options then go to add in’s. In Excel Add in’s, select Analysis tool pack.

correlation in excel

Once you have turned on the Analysis Tool pak in Excel, you will find a new option in your data ribbon.

data analysis toolpac in excel

Selecting Descriptive Statistics will open a new window

excel analysis tool pac

Now you can select the range that contains your data, if it is grouped by columns or rows and if your data has headers in the first row.

statistics in excel

After this you then select the Output options. Make sure you tick the box for summary statistics. Once all of the selections are made, it is as simple as pressing OK and your table of descriptive statics will be returned.

Quickly gather statistics for your data using Excels Descriptive Statistics


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