Play2Earn NFT Game Update - Finally Some Good News

in 1UP2 years ago

Been quite a while for an update on my NFT journey so I thought now may be a good time to do an update. With the new eBay Store finally doing quite well I have found more time again to get on hive and NFTs.



The first update is Genocity, I have really been lacking on this one and most has to do with EDGE signing me out all the time, and having to sign back into wax is a pain. I do plan to get this going again today and download chrome to see if it works better.


The next update is rising star, This is honestly the best game for anyone to play, You click a few buttons and bam leave it be for 30mins to 200mins plus and you come back. I have got 2 or 3 juan-up #1up cards but I think I may grab a few more. These are great as they add 100 fans so much better than buying a bunch of cards.


the next one is no other than splinterlands, This new update and the new set of cards are awesome, I am still wishing I would earn rewards in lower bronze as I mostly play casual and stay below silver 3, I know I can make it to silver but normally choose not to as I only play a few games a day.

I have opened 9 Packs so far and I was able to get a legendary fiend and a gold common so not too bad so far.


I know there are way more games I should be playing and following along within 1up but it takes a lot of time starting an online business. So any games I should check out that are mostly idle?


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