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I have distanced myself from nintendo products for a long time, for one stupid reason. There are no achievements. I love achievements and I don't care who thinks it's dumb. In my opinion it's a great tool to have a reason to play games. Achievements let you remember when you played a game and when you hit milestones in play. You can compete with your friend and you can have a lot more reasons to 100% or replay a good game. I think people that become achievement hunters, kind of take it too far. It can be stressful to some people that feel like they have to 100% everything, but you can enjoy them as passive feedback to your gaming sessions.

I finally started getting switch games and switches for my family. The games are great, but still it feels bad that there aren't any achievements. I'd beat a game and then feel like something was missing when there was no "ding" and achievement popup.

I finally got the online family pack for everyone and I just realized that minecraft has achievments on switch! That totally made me want to start playing with my daughter. Here are the achievements I got today just walking around.



I really like, it's a website that you can set up with to get achievements for playing old games on rom, all the way up to playstation games! I have tried to tell friends about this, but I can't get anyone into it. It's pretty sad, because it would be cool to see what old games my friends were into and I could share the ones I'm playing, but it seems like that's never going to happen.


Another site I really like is THis is a site that collects achievement information from practically every platform. This site also gives you a true value for the achievement. If everyone has an achievement, it's worth less points. If hardly anyone has the achievement, then it's worth more points. It's a really cool site to track all your achievements from all the places you play games. Again, I have no friends into this, I really wish I did.

I'm starting to make friends on here on Hive and if anyone is interested please add me on any of these websites or practically any gaming platform my user name is "maunderingcabal". Feel free to send me a friends request :)

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