I Just stole a CPU, Making splashes in APE miningclub my first day back!

Authored by @Eythorphotot

Evening Blockchain peoplez!

Those who have witnessed me making "splashes" in the past are fully aware that Mr.Photo does not "mess around", it is eather all-in-ball-in or stay the f*** home.

This applieas to blockchain play2earn gaming as well.


Recently a bitter ex fiancé sold all my ape holdings, as well as stealing herself a nice 3000$ and vandalizing and selling off the beutyful historic eythorphoto city in #dcity . Which still today is my faviorite blockchain game of all time. (more faviorite than pornhub.com). (which is still yet not a blockchain game, but you get the drift.

However this post is about a daring and ballsy (Eythorphoto style) move in another HIVE engine blockchain game. that is the also brilliantly executed and presented apeminingclub by Blockhead games. Headed by the legendary Marky.

Said @marky was the first to offer me help as my account keys got lost, and followed up even as i lost hope, so did others and to all of them i am verry gratedul but especially him, sine he went far beond just sympathysing, he used his conections to reach guys that we tought might recover the accounts.

Thank you again, your reputation as a friendly and helpful guy, surely is built on concrete behavioral evidence....

My current APE holdings, since my Ex didnt manage to sell off my mining equipment is "weak" at best, bought during a #dcity gold rush. And the game (Apeminingclub) had already turned up in the mild greens of my perceptional accounting.


I however, out of respect to the creator of the game, as well as seeing some great potential for cash making in the coming months, have deided to alter my approach to the game, Eythorphoto is no longer a silent sideline investor. No, like evrywhere else i set my foot down, i am a major player, or at least a rambling idiot punching way above weight.

My holdings untill sold off, were accumilating some nice returns, however that can not be counted on now. Eythorphoto is taking action! Tonight i steal my first mining pool. MUhahaha!


Preperations are being made, it is now 23:00 local Iceland time as i write this, havinf bought the necessary STEM tokens to, if noting changes in the meantime take ower the CPU mining pool. The pool is currently being held by the respectable @sovstar . This is a necessary operation for Eythorphoto as a part of my re-building efforts.

The cost of the STEM used in this takeover is 1.28 Hive for 64 STEM wich at the moment is sufficient to do the job.

In order to maximize the profitability of the attack, it is important that i buy some CPU miners and get the stealers 10% discount on them. I originally had planned on buying 31. for all my APE. However, i have decided, i want MORE. ....


30 minutes until execution of plan "minor comeback", and i have bought APE on the exchanges raising the prices up until 1.75 is where i stopped, currently holding 67 APES ready to go, go, go, in the takeover when i give the green light.

Total cost of APE accumilation exceeded my expectations, but i am glad to raise the APE price.

In my opinion it is deffinatly not too late to start from scratch in APE mining club, i am expecting things to go crazy as tokensupply starts dwindeling.

I however have put in a buy order on 0.1200 and will be keeping it open untill i make my move, so possibly even more CPU´s will be giving daddy photo some extra returns for the evening!. ... Aaaand it got filled, now 10 minutes before go time!

So holding 91 APE in total, i am increasing my share in the CPU mining pool, quite an increase since my CPU holdings were before tonight 35.


In order to strenghten my future APE accumilation i also re-started my delegating to @apeminingclub , wich is a great and reccomended way to build up your APE portfolio.

After the fact: / Results:

Todays snapshot shows that i mined 12.886 APE today, (my delegation adding a fresh 0.884 APE), Resulting in at the end of the day APE HODLING of 13.884 .

Yesterdays APE mining was baerely or just above 3 APE, so 9 APE are addedd today, considering that i bought 91 CPU´s for 91 APE and the 10% rule, that sounds about right, but that is if almost no one else bougt any CPU´s today.

Maybe i´ll get the 10% from now on and till it gets stolen from me, then the APE amount should go slightly up during the day, i´m not completely sure on how that mechanism works.

Owerall i am extatic over the results of tonights raidind and pillaging.

Eythorphoto is far from done making his mark on the APEminingclub community, however like Biggie Smalls (my biological father) says, "Never let em know your next move" , as well as the well known "Don´t you know that bad boys move in silence with violence".

Moves should however be expected.

And i hereby declear myself willing to BOOST a mo***fu**** if anyone is willing to maybe co-ordinate a BOOST, ,,, let´s say the coming weekend, declear interest in the comments.


It feels so good too be back!

Your friend!