NFT Halloween Splinterlands / WAXP price spike / NFT airdrop

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Today I'm going to attempt to explain how to get from silver rank 1 to diamond rank 3 for very little money. Dimond rank 3 season rewards total 40 reward chests, reward chest can contain just a little bit of DEC / normal NFTs or a large amount of DEC / gold NFTs $$$🤑.

So you want as many reward chests for as little as possible. Getting to a higher rank will require good NFTs (rented) & a baser understanding of the game / how it functions.

The summoner & Creature NFTs in Splinterlands sometimes have special abilities. Special abilities when used with Match rules are extremely effective.

In essence understanding your build its weaknesses & strengths
will serve to make you better at Splinterlands.
Take exploding rats for instance when leveled up via the burn blend use case Exploding rats gets the Redemption ability.
When killed this monster does one damage to all enemy monsters, looks like a joke card until you investigate further & find out how good the card actually is.

Its the Level Cap determined by your summoner & rank + the level of the monsters you poses that ultimately decide your abilities in game.

I have said previously that new cards are older players weakness I'm not exaggerating. That Exploding Rat is a perfect example, we are getting use to the new reward cards, Chaos legion will create more confusion.

New players can utilize that to their advantage, amidst the chaos we are all equals.

Diamond Rank 3 season Rewards First time ever

A total of 40 chests
That Gold card is worth a little $$$

That's everything not great but I'm happy with what I got.
Not bad about $50 worth of assets give or take for less then $10 in rentals + my cards I own.

You start at gold rank when you reach diamond rank so getting there gives you a head start next season.
So if your down at bronze making it once to gold starts you at silver & so on.

What the heck is up with the market.

I know I'm going to focus on Splinterlands, but I'm mostly going to talk about WAX here so its related.
What the heck is happening lately DEC, then SHIB, now WAX my portfolio is going to give me a heart attack I wake up to this again.

So for those unaware there is a connection between WAX & Splinterlands, though Splinterlands is on the HIVE blockchain.

Splinterlands has NFT assets on WAX markets via their own NFT portal. The NFT portal gives users the ability to send & receive Splinterlands assets to & form the WAX blockchain.

Why is Splinterlands related to a WAX spike, if you cant tell by now if the crypto which you pay in has its price spike you pay less crypto for the NFT.

When WAX spikes prices of NFTs on WAX can be set to a USD value which would cause the amount of WAX you pay to lower.

Spikes in the prices of DEC, HIVE, & WAX are a good opportunity to buy Splinterlands NFTs. The inverse is true for when they lower so a market crash can be beneficial in this capacity.

NFTs on multiple blockchains have a unique ability to have markets & prices that can be independent of the crypto price especially WAX in Splinterlands case.

When buying or selling Splinterlands on WAX you may want to utilize Nefty Blocks.

Nefty Blocks link above will mine users a potion of $NEFTY for every purchase or sale made that week. Mined $NEFTY will be available to claim in you Nefty Blocks wallet Wednesday after market usage.

Withdrawing from WAX

Happens quite often I get the question how to withdraw you Splinterlands NFTs from your WAX wallet to your Splinterlands game account.

Since I'm trying to focus on one topic Splinterlands today I figured why not give it a once over.

First like any other wallet & Splinterlands asset to send it to & from game you need to pair the wallet in game.
WAX cloud wallet address the most common is on the right of your WAX cloud wallet dashboard.

After the 2 of the accounts are pared you need to go to AtomicHub.

Atomic Hub has its own Splinterlands page with its own tools

The link above takes you right to the deposit window, I get this question quite often as I Airdrop Splinterlands NFTs like crazy.

Combining Cards

Like any successful blockchain game Splinterlands has a burn blend use case with their NFTs (cards). A burn Blend use case is a usage that Blends NFTs & Burns the ones combined.

You Burn Splinterlands cards to receive the DEC Burn value, by Blending the NFTs (cards) you increase their XP or Level.
You probably gotten 1 or 2 of these right? When you get 4 level 1 common Splinterlands NFTs (cards) & click the boxes as shown above you can blend them to get a lvl 2.
When certain cards are leveled up & you have a high enough level cap to utilize them they are almost unstoppable.
Garoya Lion for example gets the magic resistance ability (void) at level 5.
This will reduce all magic attacks damage by 1 to that monster, though many probably sick of getting this card its good leveled up.

Looking at card abilities is a good idea for any card that you dont recognize. I have the entire Splinterlands colection committed to memory some good new rewards cards of note are.
Pelacor Mercenary Gets the heal ability restoring some health each round.
Venari Heatsmith gets thorns & Amplify which deals double thorns damage. Even if you dont want to get higher level like I do you could produce a Level 10 Venari Heatsmith to sell or rent.
You could rent it out for 19 DEC a day at time of writing.

Block chain gaming Limitations / Solutions

Keeping an entire game based on blockchain ledger or network will cause the creators to minimize the games impact on the system on which it is based.

Splinterlands does this rather well thus far by utilizing separate servers for non Blockchain essential game mechanics. BSC integration will likely take a large chunk of Splinterlands Blockchain functions as new features are introduced.

Dual Blockchain integration into one game is groundbreaking, especially when talking GPU & CPU based blockchain ledgers HIVE + BSC or WAX + BSC.

BSC (PoS) acting as the yin to DPoS (HIVE / WAX) yang they are two sides of the same whole.

This will allow Games that utilize both go further then they ever could separately, I bring this topic up as another Blockchain Game Alien Worlds recently began using both WAX / BSC simultaneously.

Small step perhaps to an average observer, but just like the first steps on the moon this is monumental.

Binance Missions have recently been added to Alien Worlds Originally just a WAX blockchain game now while based on WAX has actions / conformations on both BSC & WAX wallets.

While maybe the moon landing is exaggerating a little as a comparison this is a technical achievement that's worth note.
TLM alien worlds crypto is required to play the new missions in alien worlds seeing this coming I bought some TLM cheap.
To participate in missions you stake 200 TLM for two weeks now with the Burn Blend use case of NFTs in alien worlds also requiring TLM. The Spike in TLM price was easy to see coming.
Now with Ship NFTs you want to see some more moon action TLM I believe is just starting this is about to get heated.

I believe Splinterlands will have a similar spike as well just call it a hunch.
There is a reason these two projects are front runners, BSC integration is a part of that, but the games themselves are great.

I dont talk about AXI as its old news, Splinterlands & alien worlds are Blockchain gaming's future.

DPoS + BSC Integration = the future of blockchain gaming.

Land Plots

This is something that both alien worlds & Splinterlands poses Land plot NFTs.

Above are the top WAX NFT sales ever, guess whos in first place Splinterlands. 2nd place a Colonize Mars land plot & in 3rd place we have an alien worlds land plot.

Notice a trend it appears the NFT market at least on WAX wants land plots, why?

An explanation that would take a whole write up, but suffice it to say like a land plot IRL its the Utility value, is what the markets interested in.

Who wins - Splinterlands tips

Good Idea to figure out what NFTs (cards) you need to have in order to win at Splinterlands, is to simply watch your matches see who wins & why.
I'm on the bottom in this match before it begins can you guess who wins. I know its obviously me but suspend disbelief & just ask 1v1 who wins & why.
Given the enemy has far more buffs(Boosts) on their NFTs(cards) you may think them at first.
Notice how my damage has hit the first 2 monsters on their team & ignored shields. Partially due to the type of damage Magic as well as the match rule Explosive weaponry.
First casualty is theirs
Over 1/2 way through round 2 they have lost half their team I lost no one yet.
Lost my first monster the enemy down to their last as round 3 comes to an end.
We both used leveled up cards and a few of mine are still level 1 while theirs are level 2 or higher. So why did I win?

A mixture of errors on their part really, for instance they did not take the Explosive weapons into account from the match ruleset.

This caused their middle units to die easily because no matter where I hit they took damage.

Second reason they where slow & tried to have their Ruler of the Seas abilities compensate for that
Bad move once dead the abilities cease to work, leaving their last mistake lack of HP to give me the win. That's how this card above 👆 a legendary is inferior to this card below 👇a rare.
Most including myself use Magic attacks as they ignore shields & dont miss.

The crafty player uses this knowledge to their advantage, assuming I utilize Magic attacks you can utilize a few different abilities to compensate.
Void & Magic Reflect are good
or Silence, but I prefer the other 2
All of these abilities will hinder magic attack users, that wont guarantee a victory but it will likely give the opponent trouble.

Basically you want the most health possible & speed truly determined my match above.
This new reward card is almost over powered as its magic resistant & has 10 health & 5 speed at lvl1.
This Legendary + the 1 above a days rental is less then 100 DEC for both. Combine them with
This combo is almost unbeatable, it has weaknesses in the mana requirements & magic resistance builds.


Happy Halloween readers, like the other 364 days a year Halloween to me is all about NFTs nowadays.
Just like most other holidays there are special event only NFTs from many NFT collections to go with the Halloween season.
Though rare Holiday only NFTs to me are a risky thing for an investment as you have to sell before the Holiday ends.
Talk about a short window of opportunity, event only NFTs is only half of Halloween because with every sales trick, sometimes you instead get a holiday NFT treat.

My advice be on the look out for give away NFTs & stuff as my wallets been getting treat NFTs all week.

Of course they just sent me My Halloween NFTs I dont have to look far after buying & testing as many WAX NFTs as I could + signing up for perks WAX NFTs tend to find me.
Crypto monkeys Ultra Rare all NFT titles I have done write ups on hooking me up this holiday.

New to the NFT realm try telegram, discord, or twitter most major brands do something for the holiday.

Nefty Blocks made pumpkin packs ill throw some into the airdrop but they are no longer available on their website.
Nothing to special just typical holiday NFTs, Happy Halloween

Zombie coin miner

Yeah this is why you stick with your first instincts with NFTs, I had identified this WAX NFT colection Zombie coin miner as something special months ago.
Maybe its just the holiday or perhaps something more but Zombie Coin Miner has been going nuts in its NFT prices.
Oh yeah & the game has been overhauled, This is exactly why I stress read a roadmap / white paper. Zombie coin miner I knew would be big eventually due to the Mining game mechanic.

Mines are found via explorers (NFTs) Mined in via zombies (NFTs) & these NFTs a vehicle + normal citizen NFTs. All the aforementioned types of NFTs will give your account white listing to purchase these.
These tickets are packs with 1 NFT a piece, bought for $0.35 USD worth of WAX & only by those with whitelisting. In say adventurers tickets (packs) you can get a $700 mine or a pile of rocks.

Though I been in the red a while on this colection I may soon turn a profit as these are the recent numbers.


Slick site redesign has made a huge difference, the monthly contest for $1,000 top prize(s) for collectors isn't a bad driving force either.


I with my whitelisting can literally buy & resell these all day at a profit.
So basically 2 times an hour I can turn $0.26 into $1.40 that's fairly cool honestly.
Lumber selling really good recently with the new game items vehicle floor & roof all requiring lumber.
Your zombies & explorer NFTs require repaired Pickaxes / shovels Both of which I build via the burn blend use case for a profit.

I gave away a few of the zombie coin miner colection previously you my want to check your WAX wallet if you have won airdrops previously.

I will airdrop some of the tickets today you can sell or use them on WAX or Nefty Blocks.

Airdrop(s) How to

Two Airdrops Go out per post First to Hive then to PublishOx later that day. Making these airdrops random has helped to keep everything fair literally any reader can win. Airdrops like this are affordable as well making the revenue from posts go even further.

That's why I keep publishing staggered & the same goes for the secondary airdrop Ill put the URL of the second airdrop PublishOx posts in the comments of the Hive posts. Ill tweet about every post.


This will all start with the normal Hive post with airdrop & shortly after PublishOx has the same post with a second airdrop check twitter for a quick reference.



One of 2 WAX NFT airdrops, containing 6 NFTs each posted first to Hive then shortly after a second one goes on my post to Publish OX.

You can find updates here & ill try to post the second URL from PublishOx in the comments.

Zombie coin miner NFT as its gone crazy, & A pumpkin pack + 4 other WAX NFTs including a Splinterlands card.
Happy Halloween readers, that exploration ticket has a chance of getting you a Mine or can be sold for a few $$$.

Please this is more important then ever to let others know in the comments, & thanks for participating enjoy your NFTs lucky reader.
Trigger a Hive tip bot any hive tip bot comment your WAX address get an NFT.

Social Media Second airdrop link PublishOx
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Join publish Ox
I accept donations if you feel like supporting more fantastic airdrops & ok posts. You can share / upvote via HIVE or PublishOx.

Donate WAX NFTs or Crypto here:


or here
My Twitter is linked to both Mask Network & Brave content creators, so you can also donate MASK or BAT to my twitter.
Under no obligation to do so it simply goes to increase the Airdrops & Possible future NFT give away events.
Dont mess with the HIVE, Happy Halloween


Thanks a lot for the airdrop
@tipu curate

Thanks for the upvote & letting others know about the airdrop happy Halloween






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Thanks for the Splinterlands match play tips. I have seen the Djinn Oshannus only a few times prior to last week which it was in almost every other lineup. I have rented my way up to Silver III and was on a long win streak when it started showing up. At season end, I drop back to Bronze II and have to fight my way back up. Last season it took me 4 days to get back into Silver. I will need to see about renting that card so that it is easier to get back up there.

Wax id: gxpe4.wam

Sent this NFT to the address provided thanks for participating, see this card at level 5 gets void armor when you hit higher levels that really comes in handy.

Thanks. I very much appreciate it. Take care.

Man wax is killing it, I hope SPS jumps back up haha

Probably will that 10% discount on packs with SPS will likely shoot SPS up when pack sales finish presale for now its wales mostly which make their own SPS. Given the majority of users are staking for vouchers there will likely be a lack of SPS during the public pack sale.

WAX going for the moon got to love it


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Thanks for doing these - I got the Publish0x one!


Figure why not spread the wealth, enjoy the NFTs & happy Halloween

Splinterlands makes it easy to earn on a daily .


That's for sure Splinterlands FTW

Great article, Card rentals are win win for everyone. Great card suggestions. I am reblogging your article so I can refer back to it more easily.

Cool hope it helps

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I'm glad I have found your profile, your posts seems to include every topic I'm interested in :D Also great to see that you've airdropped some cards, really appreciate it that you give something back.

I am always grateful to read more about NFT projects and find new NFT cards. My WAX collection is pretty small yet (if you want you can find it with my WAX username nrnaw.wam) but I am trying to increase it slowly.


Sorry it took a while but you triggered a tip bot that qualifies for my tip bot NFT airdrop, Since your new I sent those 2 NFTs to the address provided instead of 1 like normal. Those NFTs should allow you to play Gnocity a play to earn on WAX.

I started off 7 months ago on WAX with 1 free NFT now I own 1,600 WAX NFTs, So I try to pay it forward good luck with Gnocity & thanks for your feedback / participating in the Tip Bot airdrop

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it ☺️