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RE: HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Recap of 3rd Place match

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i guess you are part of the Hivebuzz team

No, I'm just a random guy


A perfect. I thought you were because that part looks like the team if it was from the editor.

I would appreciate if you can show me how can i see that editor and maybe i can get out of my mistake. For me it would be of great help and excuse me if it is too much to ask.

This is my discord Felquin#3519

I would appreciate if you can show me how can i see that editor

That's not complicated: If you use peakd it's the three dots at the end of a post


Then click on "View versions".

That's it :)

Thank you very much.

I was able to review everything i wanted to. You got me out of my mistake. I had stuck with the original version post. Sometimes, i get offline and when i want to read a post later, i take screenshots and save them in a document, the same thing happened with the one about the rules.

Then when i saw that edit i showed you above, i felt that they had created the rule for me.

I'm glad it was all a misunderstanding on my part. I'm a little sorry, but i'm always willing to fix mistakes.

Thank you very much indeed, for interceding and taking the time to guide me while the Argentina vs. France game was on.

You're welcome! :)

What an excellent discussion. Education, correction, thanks. It's even encouraging to read the responses from the Hive network when we're used to twitter and its responses.